I decided that it really is time 
to talk about my 'favouritest' animals in the world . . .

my original babies, 
so I give you, 
my fluffy babies,
Darcy and Wentworth.

Darcy and Wentworth are a pair of fifteen month old brothers.

We decided to get kittens as a sort of practice for having real babies.

And we had only had them about a month 

when we found out that we were expecting the little guy.

And these two little furry faces were the first creatures on this earth 

to hear the news that they would be getting a not-to-fluffy baby sibling.

I'm so glad every day that we decided to take on a pair as they really are best friends. 

They like chasing each other around.

They are good playmates and adventurers together.

And they love having sleepy cuddles.

or Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy 
is named after The Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice.

He has long black fur with a little white face and white feet.
He is a big 'mummy's boy' and loves cuddles.

we often refer to him as 'Curiosity Killed The Cat'
because he is so nosey
and it gets him into trouble.

He is definitely the naughty one of the pair,
but also the most affectionate.

He loves sleeping in the bath.
He hates Mummy and Daddy being in a different room to him 
and has a good cry about it.
He will do just about anything for a cat treat.

or Captain Frederick Wentworth
is named after the hero in Persuasion.

He is grey with a white belly, chin and paws.
For some reason we always think of him as the baby brother.

We often refer to him as the 'Scaredy Cat' 
because he's a bit of a wimp sometimes.

He is terrified of the hoover and tin foil.
But likes being scooped up and carried like a baby
a lot more than his brother does.

He likes to sleep in the bathroom sink.
He enjoys sitting by Mummy's head and playing hairdressers.
And is an absolute sucker for all dairy based desserts.

Yes, I am very aware that I have written a ridiculously long post all about my pet cats.
But I really do love them that much.
And if that makes me a Crazy Cat Lady. . .

. . .well. . .

. . . bring it on!


  1. I love love love the names and how individual they are

  2. oh what big eyes they have...wouldn't want cross paths with them in a dark alley

  3. Aww cute! Love the one of them watching the footy!

  4. I like them as kittens but I have a fear of, and allergy to, cats :0(

  5. Cute kitten pics but I have a fear of cats! And they make me sneeze :0( (Your's look sweet though x)

  6. what beautiful kitties, and its fine to be crazy about your pets :)


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