love from daddy - a half birthday celebration

To Chops (that’s your current nickname by the way – don’t ask me why)

Didn’t that fly by? A whole 6 months and I probably saw you for less than half of that, which makes me really sad. That’s because I have to go to work whilst Mummy has all of the fun. So when you decide to walk and talk for the first time, can you wait until a weekend just for me?

My favourite moment every day is popping into your bedroom at 7am. As I gradually turn on the bedroom light, I see your little face light up with joy as you see me.  Well, it could be that you’re excited to see me, but I’ve decided you probably associate my morning visit as a precursor to a morning feed with Mummy! That five minutes is all I get during most working weeks so I like to drag it out by blowing raspberries on you’re chubby belly and neck just to hear you chuckle before I go to work.

 You’ve grown from a baby into a little boy which is fun for me as I can be more ‘rough and tumble’ with you now!  I’ll turn my back for a moment, and if you haven’t rolled across the lounge floor, you’ve probably been sick everywhere. And sometimes you like to do both at the same time!

You’ve grown two teeth, and you have even an cheekier smile. You do chunky poop, have an awesome kick, a ticklish nature, and a huge appetite for solid food!  Don’t tell Mummy but I think she is starting to feel like you’re growing up too fast as you become less dependant on her, but that’s great for me as means I get to be more involved.

Looking forward, I can’t wait until I’m able to take to you to the park to play football and going to watch Liverpool as father and son.  I might be looking way ahead but since you were born, those are the two things I’ve been looking forward to the most.

Love you lots Chops



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  1. Aww LOVE it! He'll LOVE reading this when he's older! :)

    It's also somewhat comforting to read that my OH isn't alone in only having a few mins with Emily in the morning. I always feel a little bit bad about that, not that I can help it, but remembering that it's not just us helps!

    Great pics! xx


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