your twenty-ninth week

You seemed to be getting more and more personality and character with each new day.

You were so fun to be around 
because your smiles and gorgeous little chuckles came so freely.

You always had big smiles for people who spoke to you,
whether you recognised them or not,
as long as Mummy or Daddy were still nearby.

Mummy took you on your first trip to the zoo.
You went with some of your friends from Mum and Baby group.

You had such a brilliant time.
The weather was really lovely all day.
And you went forward facing in your pram 
so that you could see all the animals
and your friends in their buggies.

You saw monkeys and sea lions.
Zebras and sloths.
You liked the giraffes a lot and kept staring at them
even when Mummy tried to turn you around to look at the elephants.

It was such an exciting day 
that you had a little sleep and missed all the petting zoo animals.
Never mind!

Your teeth seemed to be in a hurry to appear
because your third one started to pop through.

It was at the top this time,
so Mummy was starting to get a bit worried 
about whether you would start biting,
but you hadn't yet.

Yet again, you seemed to be taking 'teeth growing' in your stride.
And your third tooth appeared with as much surprise as the previous two.
We had heard so many stories of babies who suffered with teething 
that we were so very relieved for you, 
and us.

You were getting on so well with your weaning,
that it was time to start having three meals a day, 
like a big boy.

This also meant that it was time to start the process of actually weaning you off of some milk.
So Mummy decided to try dropping your four o'clock milk
and to give you a beaker of water with your dinner instead.

We were a bit worried,
as you had refused to drink from a cup or bottle in the past.
So Daddy went and got you a special first sippy cup.

You were a bit unsure of what to do with the beaker to start with,
but you quickly got the hang of it.
And it turned out that you quite liked drinking water.
So the four o'clock milk feed went without you even realising it.

You had been sitting like a tripod for a little while now
and your balance had been getting better all the time.

And so all of a sudden
you decided you didn't need those arms for extra support any more,
and you sat up,
by yourself,
like a big boy.

You were so chuffed with yourself!

You went to your first ever birthday party
for your friend Caleb
from Mum and Baby group.

You loved all the noise and people.
You played pass-the-parcel.
You watched bubbles and tried to pop them with your friends.
And you loved it when everybody sang songs.
Your favourites were
'Twinkle, twinkle"
"Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"
"The Grand Old Duke of York".

We couldn't believe that some of your friends were one already.
You were already half way through your first year
and now nearer to your own first birthday than your actual birth day.

It was great to think of the exciting things still to come.
And Mummy was starting to hatch plans for your first birthday. . .

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