your twenty-sixth week

It was scorching hot as you were approaching your half birthday!

So we spent a lot of time outside.

You had your first experience of a paddling pool with your friend Harry.
You absolutely loved it.
And Harry.
 He kept splashing his hands in the water,
which made you giggle,
which made him laugh and splash even more.
It was very cute to watch.

You also had your first visit to the playground in the village.

You didn't seem that bothered by the slide.
Probably because you weren't going down it very fast.

You really seemed to like being pushed by Daddy on the swings.
Especially as Uncle Matt stood in front of you and pulled faces.

And you sat on Mummy's lap to go on a big grown up swing,
which was fun because you got to go a bit higher,
and get a cuddle while you were at it.

Your second tooth decided to make an appearance.
Almost exactly a week after the first one.

We had been prepared for teething to upset your sleep a little.
And to make you grizzly and upset.

But tooth two seemed to have bothered you
about as much as tooth one.
Not. At. All.

Your sitting up was getting better everyday.
Your balance was improving
which meant you didn't topple over quite as quickly.

You were getting braver with it; 
stretching out to try and grab toys while you were sitting.
You couldn't quite manage it yet,
but you didn't seem far off.

At twenty six weeks you also turned six months old.
Your first half birthday.
You had been in the world for a whole half of a year.
We couldn't believe how quickly the time had flown by.

Mummy made cupcakes to celebrate.
Not that you could eat them yet.
But we were still letting you celebrate with something a little different;
solid foods.

Daddy was really excited about feeding you proper food.
He has bought a food processor to make baby food
while you were still in Mummy's tummy.
He was looking forward to getting involved at meal times.

Mummy on the other hand, felt a little bit sad.
She was really excited to see your face as you tried new flavours.
But up until six months old, all you had needed was mummy milk
and it made her feel a little upset that you were growing up so fast.

We had been putting you in your high chair since we got it,
so that you were used to sitting in it.

And you seemed really excited when you saw a bright yellow bowl and spoon arriving.
Your very first meal was baby rice made with mummy milk.
And then you had a bit of banana mixed in at the end.

You looked a bit confused by your first mouthful,
but you seemed to get the idea.
You seemed to be swallowing more than you were spitting out,
which didn't seem like a bad start.
But it did make Daddy a bit worried to see all that mess.

When we introduced the banana you pulled a funny face at first.
But all in all we decided that your first meal was a success.

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