your twenty-eighth week

You seemed to be getting more and more grown up everyday.

You were really enjoying eating solid foods
and you were now enjoying two meals a day.
One mid morning meal 
which was fruit based.
And one mid afternoon meal
which was vegetable based.

You seemed to like the savoury foods better.
Potato, butternut squash, sweet potato and swede were your favourite flavours.
And you definitely seemed to have a good appetite.

All these new foods were having some interesting effects on your nappies.
Daddy enjoyed hearing all about your new pooing habits.
And Mummy decided that the new poos were actually an improvement 
because you got much less messy.

Apart from the times you decided to poo in the bath.
Then we fondly referred to it as a "two-man-poo",
meaning it took two people to clear it up.
One to look after the messy baby and one to look after the messy bath.

Ever since you were born
Mummy and Daddy had been pushing you around in your pram.
We often referred to it as your chariot.
You always looked so cute and snuggly in it.

But lately,
you had been looking less snugly and more snug.
As in squashed.
And we'd been propping you up in it more and more
because you seemed to like being flat less and less.
And if you were flat,
you spent the whole time trying to roll over.

So it seemed time to retire the carry-cot pram
and graduate you to the pushchair.

You didn't seem to sure about it.
Mummy wasn't too sure either.
She missed seeing your little face.

But luckily your new pushchair could be turned front-facing or rear-facing.
So when you got tired of looking at the view,
you could be turned round too see Mummy
and you could be reclined down flat for a nap.

You had started going to Baby Yoga classes with Mummy.

You giggled a lot.
Especially while you were doing the part where Mummy marched your legs.
And when Mummy was stretching in the air or like a cat.
And you giggled at the instructor.
And at the other babies.
It seemed like you liked it.

Although it didn't seem like you understood the "relaxation" part of it.
As soon as the relaxing music came on
you would decide it was time to practise some commando crawling
with your friends Oliver and William.
Cheeky little monkey!

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