your twenty-seventh week

You were becoming a very determined little guy.

When you were lying on the play mat, 
you would look around you, 
select a toy you fancied playing with, 
and then you'd go and get it . . .
. . . however far away it was.

Even if your fruit teething toy was the other side of the lounge.
You might try your commando crawl (but that never got you very far).
You might roll.
You might even pull the blanket it was on towards you,
which seemed extremely clever indeed.

But you were going to get it
one way or another.

Your weaning was coming on in leaps and bounds.
We were only feeding you meals at lunchtime, 
but in the first week alone you had tried baby rice, 
banana, apple, pear, 
carrot, sweet potato and butternut squash.

With the first mouthful you would pull a funny face 
and then decide it was okay 
and devour the rest quite happily.

You would lunge forward as soon as you saw the spoon,
and would take great huge spoonfuls of food into your mouth.

Meal times made you quite vocal and you would chatter away between mouthfuls
often complaining when the spoon wasn't loaded up again quickly enough.

You had also started saying "mmmmmm".
It was probably coincidence 
but Mummy liked to think it was your way of showing your appreciation for her cooking.

You had started to make a wide range 
of different and interesting sounds.
And if you were awake, 
you seemed to be trying out your noises all the time.

You sometimes made a noise that sounded like a baby wolf howling at the moon.
You sometimes made a squeaking noise like a baby bird.
You sometimes made a noise that sounded like a whole litter of puppies whining.
. . .And sometimes you made a noise a bit like R2-D2 from Star Wars

You finally seemed to have got used to your new teeth 
and had stopped licking them constantly.

Mummy was very pleased to get the first picture of your new slightly toothy smile.

But having teeth meant that we had to add an extra element to your bath times. . .
. . . teeth cleaning.

The first time we did it you looked very puzzled.
Because you didn't have that many teeth yet, 
the brush sort of squeaked along your gums.
You had decided that the toothbrush was a great new toy, though.
And you were keen to give it a try yourself.

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