your twenty-fifth week

You sure didn't waste any time once you had worked out this sitting lark.

Within a week you had gone from a wobbly few seconds sitting in a tripod
to sitting for long lengths of time like that.

You were even trying to balance with one arm 
so that you could still play with your toys.
Although you were still a little bit wobbly 
and would fall over if you got too excited 
or if somebody made you smile or giggle.

You couldn't quite sit up without using your hands to help you balance.
But we had a feeling that it probably wouldn't be long.

We decided it was time to lower your cot.
It wasn't something which needed to be done until you were sitting independently,
but you moved around in your cot so much
and sitting didn't seem that far away
so we decided to be on the safe side.

We got you a new bedtime toy.
A seahorse called Sheldon.

He would go in your cot with you at bedtime.
If you squeezed him his tummy would glow and he would play lullabies.
You liked giving him cuddles as you went to sleep.

You were getting to be a right little fidget.

You didn't want to be still for a second.
Not when there were so many things to grab and look at and roll towards.

It was becoming quite tricky sometimes to change your nappy
because you wouldn't keep your legs still to put a new one on.

It was quite difficult at times to do your bedtime massage
because you were always trying to roll over.

And you loved nothing better than turning over in the bath
which was okay,
as long as the water level wasn't too high.
But even then you would giggle when your face got wet.

It was Mummy and Daddy's second wedding anniversary so we took you for a picnic.
 It was hard to believe that one year before we had been excitedly decorating your bedroom.
And that two years before we had been getting married.

It was a really hot day so you spent the picnic sat in your shade tent.
You seemed to be finding it fun.
You liked looking at the trees and watching the flies who came in your tent from time to time.

Your brothers and you were definitely starting to get friendly.

You loved to stroke their fur.
And they had started to come over to you when you were playing on the floor.

They also liked watching you in the bath.
Although they would run away when the splashing got a bit too excitable.

You had also started to become really interested 
in the big square box in the corner of the living room,
also known as the television.

We started to put it on for you for a little while in the late afternoon,
just before 'bare bum time' and bath time.

You (and Mummy) particularly liked the programmes on Disney Jr.

Your favourites were Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 
which ended each time with a 'hot dog dance' that made you giggle.

And you liked Handy Manny
with all the talking tools and cute little songs.

Everything around you seemed to interest you.
And you looked at everything with such awe and wonder.
It was beautiful seeing things through your eyes,
all shiny and exciting and new.

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