me and mine {february}


a second birth story - part eight

You can read this story so far on the birth story page.

I booked into the hospital as high risk
when meconium was present in my waters.
I'd been given a no-nonsense but fantastic midwife
and was just in the waiting game now . . .


summer and dash

There is nothing quite like having a special friend to hang around with.
That is the thing I love most about having two children;
yes, its double the trouble,
and double the smiles
and double the laughter
and double the love.
But the best thing of all,
is that they have each other.
A special friend for life.


ladybird reba stroller review {part one}

The beautiful girl has been testing out a new mode of transport lately,
the Reba Stroller by Ladybird.
It's a lightweight stroller suitable from birth
and we've been out and about putting it through its paces.


{our beautiful story} week eight

sunday 17th february
snowdrop walking

monday 18th february
chilling with Blossom

tuesday 19th february
a girly day

wednesday 20th february

thursday 21st february
sofa acrobatics

friday 22nd february
her new favourite spot to sit

saturday 23rd february
the best bit of baking is licking the spoon


twenty-two weeks new


You personality seemed to shine more with every day that passed.


a second birth story - part seven

My birth story up to this point
can be found on the beautiful girl's birth story page.

My waters had broken with meconium present
so I had to be booked into the hospital
as a high risk labour . . .


a daughter...

author unknown

beautiful babies in blue

I often dress my children in the same colour palette completely by accident.
And I more than occasionally do it on purpose too,
given that it looks so lovely in photographs when they kind of match.
But getting to dress my beautiful babies in beautiful properly coordinated outfits was a real treat.


{our beautiful story} week seven

sunday 10th february
tickle time for the boys

monday 11th february
hiding in her flowery hood

tuesday 12th february
 transfixed by 'the gruffalo's child' (for the millionth time)

wednesday 13th february
finally getting used to tummy time

thursday 14th february
loving some upright play time

friday 15th february 
cheeky smiles during a morning dance party

saturday 16th february
sharing a love of mickey mouse clubhouse


twenty-one weeks new

We had made a big decision.


a journey of valentines

It was five years ago today
that my best friend asked me a very important question.
I gave him a very momentous answer.
We had started our journey together years before,
but we were now starting a new and amazing journey.
That boyfriend is now my husband,
he is now my children's daddy.
That journey took us on a road to becoming a family.
And that handsome man is still my best friend.


taggy love

The beautiful girl has a new love in her life.
Her 'Love'.


a second birth story - part six

You can read all of the beautiful girl's birth story so far
by click on the birth story page.

My waters broke at home
but with meconium present.
I've arrived at the hospital with regular contractions
and have been booked in as high risk.


finding beauty in the ordinary {see it snap it love it}

Clean bedsheets.
The smell of toast.
Hot showers.
Brand new socks.
Cuddles and kisses.
Sunshine through the curtains.
A jacket potato.
My children.

. . .  all simple things.
All ordinary everyday kind of things.
But things which make life beautiful.


his second birthday

On Thursday February 7th 2013
my baby boy turned two.
Where those two years went so fast I will never know,
but he celebrated in style . . .


{our beautiful story} week six

sunday 3rd february
the best smiles are always for each other

monday 4th february
"don't even think about taking my love away"

tuesday 5th february
a bitterly cold play at the park

wednesday 6th february
our cheeky little smiler

thursday 7th february
happy second birthday beautiful boy

friday 8th february
testing out the caterpillar cake

saturday 9th february
sleepy big girl in her new bigger bed


twenty weeks new

You had the most amazing, expressive little face.


happy second birthday beautiful boy

I'm sure I will say this every year on your birthday,
but I have no idea where that last year went.
It's true what they say,
that time flies when you're having fun,
and all the fun we have together means it feels like its going at warp speed.

When I think back a year,
to when you turned one,
it seems incredible to think of how much has happened in that time.
You've learned to walk
and then to run and to dance.
You've learned to talk
and are now quite the chatty little man.
You've moved from your cot
into a big boy bed.
You've stopped using nappies in the day
and confidently use the potty instead.
You've become a big brother
and my goodness, are you fantastic at that.

I really think that you have firmly left babyhood behind
and while that makes a part of me feel sad,
you are such an incredible little boy
that I just loving seeing you grow and learn.
You really are getting more amazing with every day that passes.

I marvel at you at some point everyday;
either when you do something cute or funny or clever,
or just because you're you
and I feel so amazingly lucky that I get to raise you and love you.

but I'll say it again:
You rock my world.

I love you with all my heart,
my beautiful boy.
Happy second birthday.


your twenty-fourth month

Two years had passed us by in a flash.


a second birth story - part five

The story up to this point 

My waters had gone two days before my due date
but with what appeared to be meconium in them.
Contractions started kicking in as we made our way to the hospital
to find out what would happen next.


a marriage {see it snap it love it}

A lot of images could be used to signify marriage.
A bride and groom.
Wedding rings.
A marriage certificate even.
But for me,
the first thing I think of when I think of marriage
is holding hands.

Being married means that there is always someone there to hold your hand,
through thick and thin
and all those other things we vowed to stick together through.
Whatever life brings
we will be there
holding hands.


impressions on my heart

Becoming a mother has filled my life with light,
my children are just such shining examples of perfection to me
and there is really no love in the world
like that of a mother for her children.
It fills you up with pride and wonder.


{our beautiful story} week five

sunday 27th january
little giggler

monday 28th january
mmmm, tasty toes!

tuesday 29th january
it's never too soon to love books

wednesday 30th january
bath time beautiful boy

thursday 31st january
my flowery girly

friday 1st february
cuddles for daffodil the duck

saturday 2nd february
another day, another book to bury his nose in

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