summer and dash

There is nothing quite like having a special friend to hang around with.
That is the thing I love most about having two children;
yes, its double the trouble,
and double the smiles
and double the laughter
and double the love.
But the best thing of all,
is that they have each other.
A special friend for life.

But my beautiful babies are also lucky enough to have other special friends of their very own.
Very beautiful and very special ragdoll friends
which are fun to play with and fun to cuddle.

My beautiful girl has her beautiful Summer doll.
And extra special first Christmas present
with long plaits
and a flowery dress.
Summer is so lovely
that I'd really quite like one for myself.

My beautiful boy has his brilliant Dash doll.
A present for his second birthday
with his superhero costume
and also pyjamas for bedtime.
Dash has been a playtime favourite
ever since he joined the family

And both these gorgeous dolls were handcrafted
by fantastically talented ladies
that I found via the wonder that is Facebook.
Summer came from Hearts and Crosses
and Dash came from Alfie Snugglers.
I am so over the moon with the quality of these dolls
and really can't recommend them highly enough.
They make a really special, one of kind present.

And I love that the two little people who I have the pleasure of caring for,
also have little people of their own to look after.
Because when you can't have your own brother or sister to play with
it's nice to have another special someone to spend your time with.

I wasn't asked to write this review.
Both these dolls were bought and paid for as gifts for our children,
I just love them both and wanted to share.


  1. These are just adorable Lucy, and what treasured friends for your two lovely little people. It is nice that they both have one too. Mads has lots of lovely cuddly toys and a gorgeous rag doll as well, but she is yet to have a favourite. I had a rabbit and I would like her to be attached to one. Lamby is probably her favourite but she doesn't take him everywhere yet. x

    1. I know it'll be a while before the beautiful girl settles on a favourite toy, but I really hope she goes for a ragdoll. I love them.
      And the little man just loves his, and having his own keeps him away from his sister's doll. ;) x

  2. I am loving Dash! I may have to purchase one for Thor's 2nd birthday!

    1. He really is fab. It's nice to be able to get a cool boys doll. X

  3. These dolls are gorgeous! I'm off to check out those Facebook pages. I have been trying to find a good boyish doll to get for my son. I really like the idea of a superhero doll. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing! x

    1. I was so thrilled when I found such a great boy doll. He's brilliant. x

  4. They are fab! Iyla has a couple of rag dolls and I love them but she hates them! In fact she hates all dolls, it's really weird! She stands on them and squashes their faces then chucks them on the floor. She seems to like characters and animals instead, but I still don't understand where her hatred for dolls comes from! Love the first photo, they look so cute sitting together xx

    1. Kids like what they like, don't they? I will definitely be giving the little miss a healthy shove in the ragdoll direction rather than the normal doll direction because dolls really freak me out, but I know I'll just have to go with her. X

  5. Lucy these dolls are just amazing, I absolutely adore Dash :) xx

  6. They are so cute and I love that their special friends can be friends too! Dylan is rather attached to an owl cushion at the moment - Dash is a definite improvement! x

    1. It's so funny what they get attached to. The little man has never been especially bothered by any particular toy, but he really does love his Dash. x

  7. I love these beautiful pictures and the dolls, they will be treasured for a very long time I am sure

    1. I hope so. I know that they'll decide for themselves in time whether these dolls are really special, but I hope they'll always love and look after them. x

  8. aw, melt my heart they are SOOO darling. i love them!!!

    1. Haha. I thought you'd like them as you're such a fan of handmade toys. X


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