twenty-two weeks new


You personality seemed to shine more with every day that passed.

You were finding your voice
and loved to sit and have a really good chat
either with yourself
or with anyone else who would listen.
And my goodness did you like the sound of your own voice.
Now that you knew how to make a noise
it seemed to be your favourite thing to do.

And you were loud too!
You would lie in your cot in the mornings chattering away to yourself
but it definitely sounded more like shouting to us.
You came from a long line of noisy people though
so we guessed we should expect it.

It made us a little bit sad
but your eyes had changed colour
and were no longer the navy-grey they had been when you were born.
They were still beautiful
and now a hazel-grey more like Daddy's
but it just highlighted how quickly you were growing and changing.
And becoming a big beautiful girl
and not just our baby anymore.

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  1. so precious. Embers eyes keep changing too. I love the picture of the two of you. you look so peacefully happy. Gorgeous.


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