twenty-one weeks new

We had made a big decision.

A decision to stop fighting you
and to just go with the flow.
Despite being a fantastic sleeper when you were first born
you seemed to be getting more unsettled at night.
You appeared to be a really light sleeper
and were easily disturbed.
We had been trying to settle you down without feeding you
thinking that you didn't seem hungry,
but our attempts wouldn't last long
and you would only wake again later on
and prove harder to settle.

So we decided to just let you lead for a bit
and see where you took us.
So we were back to two night feeds
but all getting more sleep as a result,
and while we knew everyone would be happier if you slept through,
we also had learned from being parents
that sometimes, just sometimes, the child does know best.
And you seemed a lot happier during the day and the night
so it seemed like the best way to go.

You were happiest when you were with your best friend,
and your best friend was definitely your big brother.
Mummy and Daddy felt so amazed watching your relationship grow
and you loved having the in house entertainment
that a big brother brought you.

You would stare at him until he smiled at you,
daring him to look your way and then beaming at him;
his cuddles would quiet you,
as he said "cuddle the sister";
and his dancing would see you in fits of loud belly giggles.
We suspected you wouldn't always feel so fondly about each other
but it made us so proud to see your obvious love for one another.

We loved that you had slotted so perfectly
into what we had already thought of as a perfect unit,
you just made our lives even happier,
just by being you.


  1. Gorgeous- I can't wait to see the bond between my little ones develop too. Sibling love is the cutest thing. xx

  2. Oh she is gorgeous. We did similarly with Thom. I stopped, relaxed and let him take the lead as he's been poorly and like you were all happier for it. He had milk at night for five month longer than William. For whatever reason he needed it and he soon stopped when he felt ready. Sometimes the battling is worse isn't it? x x x

  3. She is so beautiful.
    I think she looks so different without a flowery headband on.
    It's lovely reading her updates every week xx


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