ladybird reba stroller review {part one}

The beautiful girl has been testing out a new mode of transport lately,
the Reba Stroller by Ladybird.
It's a lightweight stroller suitable from birth
and we've been out and about putting it through its paces.

We took it out on a country walk last week
and found it light and easy to push.
The front wheels can be put into swivel and off road modes
which is really useful for different terrains.
It did struggle a bit with the sheer volume of mud we contended with on our walk
but fortunately is light enough that when the going got tough
it could easily be lifted and carried.

The stroller folds down pretty small
and managed to fit into our car boot alongside our double buggy
which I find really useful because it gives me the flexibility to decide which pushchairs I would prefer once I get somewhere.
You simply unfold the chassis and clip on the carrycot and you are ready to go.
I initially thought the carrycot looked quite flimsy
as its sides aren't rigid
and it appears to simply hang from the frame.
However I quickly changed my mind about that
given that my daughter was very quickly asleep
because she enjoyed the rocking motion that this gave.
She is normally really nosey when she's out in the buggy
and will fight sleep to watch what's going on,
so her sleeping in it is definitely a mark of her approval.

The stroller has a good sized shopping basket underneath
and a special zipped pouch which the raincover fits into.
I think that's a really great feature
as I know we normally end up practically filling the whole basket with the raincover,
so having its own place not only frees up storage space
but it also means that you can always have the raincover with you
and won't get caught out in a shower.

The design is really lovely.
It is a simple black fabric on the outside
but has a bright and pretty ladybird printed lining
which the beautiful girl enjoyed looking at
(when she wasn't sleeping).
The hood is fantastic as it opens out really far
which means you can easily keep the sun out of baby's eyes
and also offers a bit more coverage to help them sleep.
All in all, we're impressed with the Reba
as a lightweight stroller for out and about.
It's great for those days when the beautiful boy would prefer to walk
or when we are just popping somewhere and only need a buggy for the little miss.
I'm a really big fan of carrycots for smaller babies
as I think they look far more comfortable
and given that she has had some lovely naps in the carrycot
I think the beautiful girl would agree that the Reba's one is lovely.

This stroller offers far more options as my little lady grows
but you'll have to pop back and read about those in a few weeks time . . .

We were sent this item free of charge for the purpose of this review
but as always, all photos, words and opinions are my own.


  1. Do you know if there is an option for just a car seat to sit on the frame many thanks

    1. Thats not a feature I'm aware of I'm afraid. This is a stroller rather than a travel system, but it does have the benefit of being a flat carrycot as as well as a seated stroller for an older child.

  2. aw im so jealous...I LOVE IT!!!!

    1. It's been really useful for little trips out with the lady on her own. x

  3. i also have this one i bought on very!! i love it too, so light and easy to get around town, i had a rubbish quinny before this but i returned it as it was really bad!

    1. I've not got any experience of a quinny, but I've definitely liked using this stroller. It's really light and easy to use.

  4. I really love this pram but would like to know if pram comes off so you can fit car seat on instead

    1. The pram part does come off for it to fold, but not to add a car seat as far as I am aware. Its a stroller rather than a travel system, but it is really versatile with a carrycot and upright seat too.

    2. DOes this pram fold with the seat on as well

    3. No, the seat unit comes off by pressing two buttons in the side. It's light weight though and easy to do.

  5. it folds with the seat on in the forward facing upright position but is easily removed otherwise and super light weight i love mine and so does my little man lol x

  6. I really like this pram and would to know if you could do some research into if a car seat would attach on, maybe a maxi cosi??

  7. I think this is more or less the same as the my child floe which you can get maxi cosi car seat adapters for.

  8. What age does it go up too.

  9. Car seat can attach Woolworths sell the buggy with the adaptors for a maxi cosi as standard all included
    Can't wait for mine to arrive

  10. Thanks for the great review! Like you, I mainly use my stroller to bring the 2 year old along on our drop the big kid off at the bus routine. The crummy umbrella stroller I have doesn't really cut it in the snow. This looks perfect!


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