taggy love

The beautiful girl has a new love in her life.
Her 'Love'.

The beautiful boy got his taggy when he was about eight months old.
He has loved it ever since.
It has been his bed time companion
and his comfort when poorly.
He never got attached to any soft toys
but labels were 'his thing' as a baby
and his 'Taggy' has always been popular.

I liked the idea that the beautiful girl might have one too.
But I also know that children tend to find their own favourite things
and that no amount of pushing will convince them otherwise.
So I resisted getting one while I was pregnant
and again when she first born.
But when she started showing a real love for cuddling and chewing her dresses
and her muslin clothes
and her blankets,
I saw my chance.

I contacted Louise at A Little Bit Dotty
(who made my beautiful babies some gorgeous personalised Christmas things)
and asked her if she could help
and make my baby girl a taggy comfort blanket of her own to love.
She asked my brief and then set to work.
A few days later this beautiful blanket arrived on my doorstep.

If I wasn't sure that love at first sight existed,
I am now.
Because it was an instant love thing for my beautiful girl and her 'Love'.
She cuddles it,
she chews it,
she softly strokes the fabric
and she laces the ribbons in between her fingers.

Love has been everywhere with my baby girl ever since
and has been much admired too.
It has a lovely smooth quilted backing,
different sizes, colours and textures of ribbon all around
and a beautiful pattern on top
(I got to pick the top fabric myself and I'm in love with it.)

I wasn't asked to do a review
and I paid for this item myself,
but I am so impressed with the repeated good service I've had from A Little Bit Dotty.
She makes some stunning things
from personalised pillows and duvet sets
to smaller gifts and decor items.
Definitely worth a look,
I'm already planning the next commission . . .
I'm thinking pillows!


  1. Both Megan and Ben have taggies and sleep with them too. Megan is nearly 8 and still has it which I don't see as a problem. we have had some traumas over the years of losing them when out, on holidays and abroad! thankfully we have always back tracked and found them x

  2. Oh it is beautiful! I will definitely check A little bit dotty! My wee man was not into taggys but slowly found his love for stuff toys...he sleeps with a Zoo!

  3. Oh my! This is gorgeous! As is Beautiful Girl! Wilbo doesn't seem to have a particular favourite thing yet - it's probably his dog actually, who isn't too keen on cuddles! xxx

  4. Oh how beautiful! Now tell me - can grown ups have taggys? ;)

  5. Awww beautiful photos. Looks like she is enjoying her taggy!

  6. These pictures are lovely, what a beautiful blankie, I can see that being a fave for many years to come xxx

  7. Beautiful blanket! And lovely photos!

    Found you through the Friday Baby Shower! New fan here! :)


  8. Thanks so much for sharing this at the Baby Shower - it was so cute, I had to make it one of my features for this week's party. Look forward to seeing you there Alice x



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