nineteen weeks new

Your smile was so beautiful that we couldn't stand to see you sad.

Between your third set of vaccinations
and your sleep being all over the place,
you were definitely feeling a bit tired and sensitive.
We suspected it was your teeth causing all the trouble,
but we couldn't tell for sure.
And we hated to see our happy girly so unhappy.

You were really brave for your jabs
which made Mummy feel very proud of you.
She had expected lots of drama
but you just seemed to take it in your stride.
And with barely so much as a whimper
you turned around to smile at the nurse when it was all over.
You definitely charmed the nurse
who just couldn't believe how content you were
after what she had just done to you.

Your relationship with your big bro was getting stronger all the time
and nothing was more effective at cheering you up from the teething grizzles
than him smiling at you, showing some toys
or generally running around like a crazy thing all for your entertainment.
And we were completely over the moon to see your face light up
at seeing him, 
and for us too.

You had special smiles for each of us;
a cheesy one for your brother,
a cheeky one for you daddy
and a beaming one for your mummy.
It seemed that you would be a girl of many smiles
and they were all as beautiful as each other.


  1. I love that she has a different smile for you all - adorable! x

    1. It is adorable. She's such a little character now. X

  2. She is so gorgeous. I really want to give her a cuddle (and I'm not normally a fan of girls)
    These updates are lovely to read, it's wonderful seeing how she is developing and changing x

    1. Haha. I wasn't particularly a fan of girls until she came along. But she's such a cute and cuddly little thing, it's impossible not to be charmed by her. X


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