beautiful babies in blue

I often dress my children in the same colour palette completely by accident.
And I more than occasionally do it on purpose too,
given that it looks so lovely in photographs when they kind of match.
But getting to dress my beautiful babies in beautiful properly coordinated outfits was a real treat.

Their gorgeous outfits were sent to us by Chateau de Sable
which sell a beautiful collection of chic French designer clothing
especially for the little people in your life.
It came beautifully boxed and looking thoroughly special;
the kind of packaging that would be lovely to have for a gift.

The items are absolutely gorgeous.
With such beautiful designs
and all nicely cut and made;
you can tell instantly that they are really high quality.

 For my beautiful boy
We styled it with his trademark denim
and rolled up sleeves.
The shirt has little button up tabs on the sleeves
which I love for little boys' tops
because it offers so much more versatility.

He can wear this with the sleeves up in the summer
with shorts and sandals
and be cool and trendy in the cool cotton.
Or he can wear it with the sleeves down in winter
with trousers and even a jumper over the top
and be smart and warm.
its a gorgeous blouse top and matching puffy bloomers.
I can't even tell you how excited I was to dress my little ladies big chunky legs
in a lovely pair of bloomers.
They look so comfy and cute.

And the top is beautiful too
and looks just as lovely with a dark denim skirt or pair of skinny jeans
as it does with the matching bottoms.
It has a tunic shape
which means she'll get a bit of wear out of it;
and an adorable peter pan collar.

For me I think the fact that you can buy coordinating items for siblings is a real plus point
and I will definitely considering ordering from them again 
for special occasions where I want my children dressed alike,
or if I was planning a photo shoot and wanted them in the same colour palette.

I would definitely recommend checking out Chateau de Sable
because their clothes are just stunning.
I know I would be happy to send or receive one of their lovely pieces as a gift
and the quality of the clothes is second to none.

We were sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this review
but as always, all words, photographs and opinions are my own.


  1. Oh my god, I am in love, I love to dress my kids alike, I can't help it, it can be hard for a son and daughter, I am off to check this site out as just stunning x

  2. Could they be any more gorgeous? Lovely clothes too. William is at that age where he is making quite a bit of mess at the moment (joys of weaning) but I think I will check out Chateau de Sable for his first birthday. And I can't wait to have two to dress alike. Maybe I should start considering baby number two... xxx

  3. These are just gorgeous Lucy, and I love how they are dressed alike. We were talking the other day about whether we would dress our girls alike and I definitely will for parties, special occasions, photo shoots etc. Not for every day, but like you say it is good to put them in matching colours as they stand out in photos. The thought of the BG in bloomers makes me go all mushy! x

  4. These are absolutely beautiful and the children look a picture - very stylish. Great blog and great commentary on our client Janice of Chateau de Sable. Hope to see more soon! Best regards. Chris

  5. Lovely outfits! I love that last photo xx

  6. Oh my gosh they look so cute! I love blue gingham and it suits them both.
    I love it when children are dressed similar. I like to dress my boys in the same tops or same trousers, or same colours sometimes. xx

  7. o dear, they are just so cute!!!!
    i love the coordinating clothes:)

  8. Oh, I just love matching outfits! Not all the time but very cute for a special occasion x

  9. Hello! I just happened to stumble across your blog and have loved reading it! These little outfits are so cute, very fashionable indeed. My little girl is 1 in September too but it's going way too quickly, don't you think?! I am starting to wean her next week - scary. Looking forward to reading more from your blog, perhaps we could follow each other?
    Sarah :o))

  10. I love their little outfits! I want something matching for my two but they are in different departments usually and it is quite hard to find so I am off to have a look! x

  11. Both look so cute in blue and white dress. I think they love it a lot.


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