finding beauty in the ordinary {see it snap it love it}

Clean bedsheets.
The smell of toast.
Hot showers.
Brand new socks.
Cuddles and kisses.
Sunshine through the curtains.
A jacket potato.
My children.

. . .  all simple things.
All ordinary everyday kind of things.
But things which make life beautiful.

Next weeks theme will be 




  1. Great list, I'd add the smell of freshly cut grass, now that's heaven! x

  2. Nothing ordinary about your two beautiful babies!

  3. Beautiful, I found this theme so hard, my baby tired brain is disappointing me. Now surely I can think of something for Fresh, so I can take part next week xxx

  4. Its so nice to see the beautiful boy have a new playmate now. I look forward to the day when our grandson has a new friend too!


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