happy second birthday beautiful boy

I'm sure I will say this every year on your birthday,
but I have no idea where that last year went.
It's true what they say,
that time flies when you're having fun,
and all the fun we have together means it feels like its going at warp speed.

When I think back a year,
to when you turned one,
it seems incredible to think of how much has happened in that time.
You've learned to walk
and then to run and to dance.
You've learned to talk
and are now quite the chatty little man.
You've moved from your cot
into a big boy bed.
You've stopped using nappies in the day
and confidently use the potty instead.
You've become a big brother
and my goodness, are you fantastic at that.

I really think that you have firmly left babyhood behind
and while that makes a part of me feel sad,
you are such an incredible little boy
that I just loving seeing you grow and learn.
You really are getting more amazing with every day that passes.

I marvel at you at some point everyday;
either when you do something cute or funny or clever,
or just because you're you
and I feel so amazingly lucky that I get to raise you and love you.

but I'll say it again:
You rock my world.

I love you with all my heart,
my beautiful boy.
Happy second birthday.



  1. Happy Birthday to him! Hope he has a lovely day xx

  2. Happy birthday Beautiful Boy! Gosh, I remember when he was a lot tinier. Time flies - Wilbo is coming up to eight months now and that scares me! xx

  3. Happy Birthday to him. Even just through reading your blog it seems like the time has flown, I hope you have a lovely day xx

  4. Wishing the Beautiful Boy a wonderful 2nd Birthday Xx

  5. Ahhh Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy! I have loved Iyla being two so far, I have always loved every stage but it does keep getting better, despite her being a bossy little madam! x

  6. Happy birthday beautiful boy! Have fun and keep on rocking x

  7. Happy Birthday DBB, hope you all have a great day at the zoo! xx

  8. Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy! Hope you have all had a lovely day! x

  9. so sweet!!! happy birthday beautiful boy!! xoxoxo
    He is so adorable.
    ps i have to make Ty one of those super hero dolls!! LOVE IT!!
    haha i wonder if i could make a pattern..did you make it?

  10. I hope he had a lovely day! He really is so very grown up now. I love the super hero doll!

  11. apologies for this being belated but happy birthday gorgeous boy!!! you have taken to being a big brother so well and you must make mummy and daddy so proud. love his super hero doll x x


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