your twenty-fourth month

Two years had passed us by in a flash.

And it was simply incredible to think you were turning two
and really becoming a proper little boy
and no longer a baby.

In your twenty-fourth month
you decided to say goodbye to another 'baby thing'
as you said goodbye to nappies in the day time.
We had embarked on potty training
with the attitude that we would see how it went
but with no pressure.
But we should have learnt by now really
that when you decided to do something
you would just do it.

So after one day you'd stopped the constant little accidents
and learned to control your bladder.
By day two you had cracked getting to the potty in time.
And in the days that followed it was just a case of practising.
You weren't dry at night just yet
and you still needed a bit of help getting your trousers and pants up and down,
but you had it sorted otherwise.
And we were ridiculously proud and happy 
to have ticked another thing off the list
before you turned two.

You had always been a real bookworm
but you had started to become really obsessed with books.
As we got you ready for bed each night
we would ask which story you would like before bed
and you always knew exactly which one you wanted.
The Gruffalo's Child was a clear favourite,
as were Monkey Puzzle, Giraffes Can't Dance and We're Going On A Bear Hunt.
You would even join in with some stories
and could flick through a book telling yourself the story
by using the pictures and the pieces of text you remembered.

We had some snow
and unlike the year before when you had been a little unsure,
this time around you loved it.
You squealed with delight as you rode on the sledge,
you loved the footprint you could leave in the fresh snow,
you were fascinated by the white world and just kept shouting "Mummy. Daddy. It's snowy!"
You loved it so much
that coming in from playing out in it made you cry
and only your first taste of hot chocolate could calm you.
Hot chocolate was a big hit,
no great surprise there.

You had really grown into your role as a big brother
and we were so proud watching you with your sister.
She was the first person you asked for in the morning
and you were constantly making sure she had toys and blankets.
You would really make each other laugh now
and at bath times you were just adorable
as you would laugh as she splashed you
and she would laugh as you tickled her.

What an amazing second year we had had together.
You were an incredible kid and you made us so proud of you.
We love you beautiful boy,
forever and ever.


  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy.. Love forever from the proudest Nanny in the world. X x x

  2. What a 24 months! Hope he had a lovely birthday x


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