me and mine {february}

Daddy is loving
* watching The Following
* the beautiful girl's fluffy hair
* chicken yakisoba from Wasabi
* playing Fifa 13 on the xbox
* the beautiful boy saying "love lou daddy" for the first time

Mummy is loving
* watching the beautiful babies interacting more and more
* The Following on Sky Atlantic -
* seeing the first hints of spring
* Dairy Milk Oreo
* having whole family cuddles in bed in the mornings

The beautiful boy is loving
* watching Tangled
* playing 'night-night' with a blanket and a pillow
* his Dash superhero doll
* carrying his Mickey Mouse backpack around
* being two!

The beautiful girl is loving
* spending some time playing on her tummy
* finding her voice
* being tickled
* her Love blanket
* sitting in her play nest

You can read all about the Me & Mine project here.
It is basically a challenge to take a monthly family photo
and then share it on the last day of the month.
Seven of us co-host the linky on our blogs
so that you can link up yours too.
And we will send you around in a little circle to see everyone else's,
so keep clicking on to the next one until you wind up back here.

This month I'm sending you to see Chloe, Sam and Arlo at Chloe Witters.
Chloe's blog is lovely
and an exciting place to be right now
as they are preparing to add another baby to their family soon.

So you've seen Me and Mine
now we want to see you and yours . . . 


  1. All completely gorgeous and I adore the last one, look at the love between the Beautiful Boy and the Beautiful Girl! xx

    1. Thanks. They are so fascinated with each other, it's adorable. x

  2. Beautiful photos. I adore the backdrop, reminds me of the Labyrinth!
    I love Beautiful Girl's face on the second photo xx

    1. Hehehe. It does look like The Labyrinth. I love that movie. X

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love Beautiful Boy's face on the first one. He looks so happy! Happy Me & Mine day! x

  4. Gorgeous photos, I love the first one with DBB giggling, was he being tickled? Whats the following? And chocolate oreo sounds amazing! I love doing this project! xx

    1. I think he was probably having his legs tickled, that's a daddy special.
      The Following is an amazing drama series on Sky Atlantic with Kevin Bacon in. We wrote our five things we love separately but the fact we both wrote it shows that it definitely gets our seal of approval. x

  5. Your wee man's giggles in the first one is great! Lovely family photos x

  6. Such gorgeous photos. You are a very beautiful family indeed. I told you C is loving Tangled at the moment too. It's a great film though and I love watching it with her.

    1. Aww, thank-you. We are loving Tangled a lot. Such a great film. x

  7. I love the second one where Beautiful Girl's little face is poking out, such a gorgeous family! I love this idea, looking back at them all at the end of the year will be amazing, I wish I could get Dad2BabyInsomniac to join in but he hates cameras! xx

    1. I know, I love how she looks so fed up! She'd just woken up and took a while to warm up to the camera.
      I'm loving doing this project. You should work on Dad2BabyInsomniac, even if you just take the photos for yourselves and not for blogging. They will be so nice to look back on. X

  8. Your boy is being a bit of a scene stealer in that first photo, I can't stop smiling at his massive grin - looks like he was having a full on belly-laugh there. Also love the one with you all smiling, and the last shot with some lovely brother/sister interaction going on.

    1. My little man is pretty much ALWAYS a scene stealer. His sister has to shout loud to even get a look in! ;) x

  9. such fun and natural photos Lucy. i adore DBB's face in the top photo - so full of life and cheekiness. just beautiful as is this linky idea x x

  10. What great pictures!

    I would absolutely love for you to link up at the Friday Baby Shower, the new linky party for all things baby – Alice @ Mums Make Lists xxx

  11. aw, love this sweet. and i love that your little boy said love you...precious!


  12. I've just started following your blog, I LOVE it! It's so gorgeous! (Blog envy!)Those kidlets are to die for too!! xx

  13. I really need to check out The Following too I think! Thats a really lovely pic. BB looks like he's such a grown up boy now. And Tangled is the best, I have to agree with him :)
    It sounds so cute that BG has found her voice now :)

  14. I love these cute picture of your beautiful family Lucy! Just too cute! I've finally added mine today

  15. Your little boy giggling on the first one is adorable! I really need to get on board with Dairy Milk Oreo x


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