a second birth story - part six

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My waters broke at home
but with meconium present.
I've arrived at the hospital with regular contractions
and have been booked in as high risk.

We were shown into a room
two doors down from the room that I had given birth to my little man in.
I rocked backwards and forwards on my feet holding onto the bed
to get myself through the contractions
while we waited for the midwife to arrive.
The contractions were really intensifying,
and doing so very quickly,
but were definitely still manageable through keeping moving
and concentrating on my breathing.

My husband rang my mum
basically to confirm that we would be staying in hospital
so she may as well get comfy at our house.
And as he came off the phone
our 'no-nonsense midwife' arrived.
Lynne came in, introduced herself and asked a bit about us.
She asked what had happened so far and how I was doing.
She didn't seem unfriendly but there wasn't any unnecessary chit chat.
I am a big fan of chit chat
but when I'm nervous I hate it,
so this suited me down to the ground.
She was matter of fact with us and explained to us again
that meconium in the waters might mean that the baby was unhappy
but that it could also mean nothing at all,
either way they would need to monitor the baby and me
and just see what happened for the time being.
She gave me a hospital gown to put on
and then asked my permission to do an internal exam.

Any woman who has ever been in labour will know
that as you go through the discomfort and pain of this examination,
that you are secretly hoping the entire time 
that they will finish and tell you that you're ten centimetres already.
The difference with the second baby is that you know your body a little better,
I knew that I was in nowhere near enough pain yet to be anywhere near ten centimetres
so when she told me I was 2cm I wasn't surprised.
I knew we still had a way to go yet
and I knew I needed to be as positive about that as possible in order not to lose the plot.

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  1. Oh bless you, I hate the exam, not cause I mind the pain I am dreading the m/ment, I had gone through 19 hours of labour before I went in with Addy, I told Ash if they told me under 5cm I would cry and scream. Luckily I was 6cm.
    Can't wait to read more lovely xxx

  2. I am the same, I love a good chit chat but man I think in that moment I would want it straight and to the point too. As long as it was given with a smile. Eeek off to keep reading... love that it's all here so I can keep going.


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