sunshine and summertime

you just can't beat the summer time

a moment in time {see it snap it love it}

When you have a small child
you become acutely aware of firsts,
of special moments in time
which can never happen again.
First smile,
first steps,
first words.
And once they have happened,
as quickly as that,
they can never happen for the first time ever again.

This photo is of a special first.
My beautiful boy had his first dip in a paddling pool.
He adored it.
He ran around,
bouncing off the sides,
then falling over,
and laughing about it
with big belly laughs.
He splashed.
He poured.
He grinned so much
and we couldn't help but grin right back at him
having the absolute time of his life.


the bittersweets

I recently dug out my beautiful boy's first ever outfit,
the one he wore on his first full day in the world.
I wanted to find it so that we could use it as Splodge's first outfit.
Something about the symmetry of having our children wear the same first outfit really appeals to me.
I like the idea that an outfit bought for Dollop will also be worn by Splodge,
and by any potential babies that might come after.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

all present and correct

a beautiful boy in some beautiful bluebells

mummy cuddles

big brown eyes

a tiring swim

bad bath time hair

summer time fun


i heart my snap

We went on a little adventure this week
to take some picture of my beautiful boy
in amongst some beautiful blue bells.
I think to say that he enjoyed himself
would be an understatement.

Check out that big grin.
The windswept air.
the very muddy trainers.
All signs of a good day if you ask me!


a dream come true

. . . a key turns in the lock.
three sets of ears prick up:
one grey and furry,
one black and furry,
and one pink human pair.

. . . eight little furry feet are suddenly running
at speed
to investigate the noise.
. . . but one pink human pair of feet hesitate.

a little boy looks at his mummy . . .
for reassurance,
for confirmation.
his mummy whispers one word;
and the little boy's face lights up . . . 


splodge and me at twenty-two weeks


fun {see it snap it love it}

My beautiful boy always has fun outdoors.
He's a proper boy in that respect
and he loves to explore.
So what spring would be complete without a little fun adventure in a bluebell wood.


so much to say

As a self confessed chatterbox
I can honestly say that from the day I found out I was pregnant
that I couldn't wait until a time when I would hear my baby speak.
I was so excited to be a part of the whole process of language acquisition.
It's always fascinated me that children pick words up so quickly,
and how they learn a language from scratch
and I could wait to help in the process of teaching my child to learn such a valuable life skill.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

a lovely sunday stroll

my sleeping beauty

a poorly boy at nearly midnight

watching the world go by

spring time adventures

and we're off . . .

our little racing driver


i heart my snap

So, we have a toddler.
A proper, fully fledged walker.
We were so excited about the prospect of him walking,
and now he's doing it.
And he seemingly changed over night.


being a mother...

Being a mother . . . is an honour.

two shoes, new shoes

There was a time not so long ago
when we wondered whether we might be carrying our beautiful boy up to the school gates
for him to crawl around the classroom all day.
He loved crawling.
He was good at crawling.
And as a result showed absolutely zero interest in walking.
Why would he?
He already had crawling nailed
and it got him everywhere he wanted to be
and at warp speed too.


reflection {see it snap it love it}

It's me.
Taking a picture of myself
taking a picture of myself in the mirror.
And it would definitely be fair to say that not only is this physically a reflection,
but it's also a pretty good reflection of what I look like a lot of the time.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

ball games

feeling the rhythm

splodge the wrigglepot

just relaxing on the carpet

artist in the making

toddling in new shoes

bag of goodies


the anomaly scan

Today I had my twenty week scan,
to give Splodge the once over
to check for any physical anomalies
and probably the most exciting bit,
to get to see our little baby one more time before we meet him or her in the flesh.


a lovely kind of week

Well, I guess the best place to start is to say a great big thank-you.
It has been a super exciting week for Dear Beautiful Boy
and I still feel like I'm floating around on a cloud.
So thank-you.
Thank-you each and every person who has voted and nominated Dear Beautiful Boy
Because the fantastic news
is that we are finalists in both.


my real cheeky monkey

 To me,
this little boy is so many things.


splodge and me at twenty weeks


love {see it snap it love it}

Love is such a wonderful and beautiful thing.
A powerful thing
that you can't always see
but which you feel
and which overtakes everything else.

I love my beautiful little boy like nothing else on earth.
I love his daddy.
I love his unborn brother or sister.
But capturing that in one picture isn't easy.
I'm not sure that ten or twenty photographs could quite do the theme justice.


your fifteenth month

We had been starting to wonder if it would ever happen.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

lazy sunday morning

splash time

messy tea time

love real photographs

a gorgeous girl and a beautiful boy

on the move

laundry helper


the clippy london photo bag review

When I got offered the opportunity to review a Clippy bag I couldn't believe my luck.
I genuinely couldn't think of a product that would be a better fit for me to review on my blog.
Clippy offer bags which you customise with your own photographs.
What girl doesn't love a new bag, right?
And as some one who loves photographs
and who takes A LOT of them
it seemed a perfect product.


my best boys

I love to watch the beautiful boy.
When he was tiny I would watch him breathe,
barely remembering to breathe myself as I stared in awe at this little creature that I had made.
As he grew I enjoyed watching him look at the world around him.
I loved seeing him learn and discover.
And I would watch him sleep,
looking so small and peaceful and innocent.
But all along the thing which has always given me the biggest kick,
the warmest fuzziest feelings,
the sight most likely to bring hot prickly tears spontaneously to my eyes;
is seeing my beautiful boy with his daddy.


water {see it snap it love it}

My beautiful boy is a total water baby
and there is no other place guaranteed to make him smile more than in water.
He loves to splash,
to crawl around dipping his face in the water,
to play with his sponges and his toys.
He has done a lot of his firsts in the bath tub;
his first roll,
his first time sitting up,
his first time standing himself up.
It's definitely one of his favourite places
and therefore a perfect place to capture a water photograph.

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