fun {see it snap it love it}

My beautiful boy always has fun outdoors.
He's a proper boy in that respect
and he loves to explore.
So what spring would be complete without a little fun adventure in a bluebell wood.

I have such fond memories of spring times in the woods near where my Nan lived when we were children.
There were blankets of purple bluebells.
The smell still takes me right back.

And watching my little man enjoying his adventure in the woods
was probably as much fun for me as for him.
He smelt the bluebells.
He felt the moss on the fallen tree.
He watched a spider run across the path ahead of him.
He sat on a tree stump like a king on a throne.
He got muddy shoes and muddy hands.
He had fun.

Last week's 'Reflection' theme inspired some gorgeous photographs
and yet again, I had a tough time choosing a winning picture.
But I decided on this one:

It comes from the lovely Lauren at Real Housewife of Suffolk County.
I thought her picture of her little boy Charles 
splashing through an enormous puddle
was just stunning.
So she gets to show off the Photo of the Week badge if she wants to.

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Lauren has chosen the theme for next week
and she has picked 'Moment in Time'.
So get thinking about the theme for next week
and in the meantime get linking up your 'Fun' photographs.

Grab the badge so that people can find more great pictures,
tweet me your links to @dear_beautiful_ so I can retweet them,
and pop round to see the other 'Fun' pictures which get linked up when you get time.

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  1. We are so similar, I have been waiting to find the bluebells for ages but they have only just sprouted here and the weather has been so bad. It's one of our jobs for this weekend.
    Beautiful pic of the beautiful boy- I shall post mine later on in the week. X

    1. How funny. These ones were on their last legs as its nearly the end of the bluebell season, so you'd best be quick. My mum informs me that if we get a hot day then that will be it until next year. I'll look forward to seeing your photo in the week. X

  2. LOVE this picture of the beautiful boy, he looks so happy and like he's having lots of fun! This takes me back to my childhood as we grew up on a farm that had woodland and my favourite time of year was when the bluebells were out. Makes it all look so pretty xxx

    1. I took literally hundreds of photos. He was having such a lovely time and he looked so small next to all the trees in a big sea of bluebells. The colours just looked stunning and I kept snapping. X

  3. What an amazing photo. There seems to be more bluebells then ever before this year.

    Thank you for choosing me as photo of the week. I will put the badge on my post.

    1. Thanks, I'm really pleased with how the photo came out. In fact I had a ton of lovely ones and had a tough time choosing just one.
      I meant to get out to do some bluebell pictures far earlier in the season but kept forgetting. But I'm glad I went when I did because it's so hot here today that I'm pretty sure there will be none left in a few days. X

  4. Hi Lucy. I don't have a post for you this week, as run out of spots, but I wanted to submit a photo to your lovely Linky, so I hope it's ok to just post the cropped picture here and a general link to my Blog.

    You can see the full (slight *ahem* baby nudity, I apologise for that) here....It's my youngest son, about 2 years old, having a ball being chased with a hosepipe!

  5. What lovely FUN memories you get to hand down to your handsome lad! I just LOVE the 1st pic, priceless!! Super darling reflection pick also!!

    Thanks so much for the fun linky!!

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the linky. I'm having real fun doing it too, especially as I don't know what the theme will be from week to week so I get a little challenge too. x

  6. Lucy... lol... whoopsy! I clicked on the wrong photo for the thumbnail. Ug! I MEANT to have it be the 1st pic of Jax & Ruby (the pug doggy) in my post! Sorry!!

    1. Do you want me to delete it so you can link up another photo? X

    2. I found the right picture and I relinked it for you. x

  7. Lovely pic - I love bluebells too. He looks like he's been hiding behind that fallen tree and has just popped up!

    1. Hehe, he did find it very funny that he was behind a log and I was the otherside with the camera. I'm really pleased with how it came out. X

  8. Replies
    1. Thank-you. I'm loving all the different ones that are linked up too. X

  9. Your LO looks really happy in the forest!

    1. He was a happy little chappy getting to explore. We had a lovely time. X

  10. Love the photo :) I love bluebells.
    Apologise for the double entry, I linked in last week's entry by mistake - der !

    thanks for hosting !

    1. Thanks, glad you love the photo, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
      And I deleted your extra entry for you. X

  11. Love this photo it's so beautiful and super love the cheeky little face I see there :)
    Thank you for linking up this week huni x x


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