the clippy london photo bag review

When I got offered the opportunity to review a Clippy bag I couldn't believe my luck.
I genuinely couldn't think of a product that would be a better fit for me to review on my blog.
Clippy offer bags which you customise with your own photographs.
What girl doesn't love a new bag, right?
And as some one who loves photographs
and who takes A LOT of them
it seemed a perfect product.

They offer a huge range of different bags in different sizes, shapes and styles,
from smaller items such as wash bags and pencil cases
to bigger ones like handbags and beach bags.
I went for the biggest Large Tote beach bag,
mainly because I tend to like a bigger bag with all the baby stuff I have to carry around,
plus it meant I could include more of my photographs!
It's a really good size and as well as being useful for carrying baby paraphernalia
it would also make a great swimming bag, beach bag or laptop bag.

When it arrived through the post,
very quickly I should add,
I was really excited to get to work customising it.
It is basically a clear plastic bag with lots of pockets on the sides 
which you then fill with things to customise it.
with lots of inspiring ideas as to how you can make the bags really gorgeous and really you.

My bag has a whopping 24 pockets with twelve on on each side which each measure 9cm by 12cm,
and the arty-crafty person in me immediately got excited about how I would customise my bag.
I decided to put some pretty patterned craft paper in each pocket
and to then put a smaller square photograph on top.
Picking the pictures wasn't easy.
But I decided on 12 pictures of my beautiful boy for one side
and then for the other side I chose a selection of photographs of my lovely little family;
wedding and honeymoon snaps,
photos of us with the boy
and the three of us together.


I think a Clippy bag would make a really great and personal present for someone
and I know I'd love to receive one
whether it had already been customised or not.
I'm so pleased with how my bag has turned out.
I think it's gorgeous and so different.
I've only been out with it a couple of times so far
but it's already received lots of compliments.
Plus I really enjoyed the whole process of designing it
and making it look beautiful myself.
And I love the fact that I can easily change the look of the bag
by changing the pictures and he craft papers;
so I'll be able to add to it when Splodge arrives
or make it look completely different by simply moving things around a bit.

I'm pretty sure with the size and gorgeousness of this bag
that it will more than likely be featuring on my arm at the upcoming blog conferences.
So if in doubt, 
I'm the one with the gorgeous photo bag.

I was sent the Clippy Beach Bag free of charge for the purposes of this review
but all opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Very cute and what a great idea! I love making things so this is right up my street with the slight drawback that I'm not such a great photographer. X

    1. You wouldn't necessarily need to put photos in it. You coul put anything crafty in in. Fabric, stickers, ribbons etc. x

  2. What a fabulous bag and a great idea! I want one! x

  3. Great review, I really would like one of these bags, are the pockets protected from the rain ?

    1. Yep, completely protected. You access the photo pockets from the inside of the bag so no chance of them getting spoiled my rain. X


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