my best boys

I love to watch the beautiful boy.
When he was tiny I would watch him breathe,
barely remembering to breathe myself as I stared in awe at this little creature that I had made.
As he grew I enjoyed watching him look at the world around him.
I loved seeing him learn and discover.
And I would watch him sleep,
looking so small and peaceful and innocent.
But all along the thing which has always given me the biggest kick,
the warmest fuzziest feelings,
the sight most likely to bring hot prickly tears spontaneously to my eyes;
is seeing my beautiful boy with his daddy.

In the very beginning I think our tiny baby scared my husband a bit.
He was tiny, fragile and vulnerable
but also incredibly precious to us.
When he cried it was mummy and her magic milk and calming cuddles that soothed him the best.
And I think, in all honesty, that he longed for the day when his son was big enough to play.

But it still made my heart soar to see them together,
to see my big grown up man,
so completely in love with,
and completely at the mercy of this tiny human
who looked so much like him.

Right from day one my husband would do anything to make his little guy happy.
When we had a particularly bad night with a particularly unhappy newborn,
he took him out for a drive in the car
because he knew he liked it.

Once the beautiful boy started to smile
and then laugh,
he spent all his time trying to earn one of these little gifts.
He'd thrown his little boy in the air,
which resulted in squeals of panic from me,
and squeals of delight from the little air born baby.
And as our beautiful boy has grown
and become a little person in his own right,
the fun they have together has grown.

I am still the favourite person for stopping tears, for soothing and for cuddles,
but no one else on earth gets smile and giggles quite like Daddy.
It is Daddy that he calls for when he wakes in the morning.
It is Daddy who tickles him until he screams and then begs for more.
It is Daddy that makes the best ever human climbing frame and swing.

It is an honour getting to watch them together;
to see the man I love
and the boy I love,
enjoying each other so completely.
It fills me up with pride to see them,
as well as filling up my eyes with those tickly tears.

My husband is fantastic at all he does.
He is an awesome hubby,
who cares for me
and quite frankly let's me get away with murder.
But if it's even possible,
he is an even better Daddy.
I think it's a job he was born to do,
and I love that I got to be the person to give him that job.


  1. Awww beatiful post Lucy which has made my eyes water!! Your choice of photos and words are perfect. My OH is different since our boys were born in dome ways (not all though!!) and i love seeing the three of them laughing and playing together. Xx

    1. I have to say its one of the more unexpected things to come out of being a mummy. Not that I expected him to be a bad daddy, I knew he'd be awesome. Just more, how much I enjoy getting to watch their relationship.
      I definitely think it makes me love the hubby a little bit more when I see him head-over-heels in love with the little guy. x

  2. I think that my OH has grown into the role. He didn't know what to do with a newborn but now that D is a bit older he loves it, and can't get enough of him. Lovely post

    1. I think my hubby I similar really. He's always loved and adored him, but the older he gets the more enjoys spending time with him. It's just so lovely to watch. X

    2. Aww Lucy, how beautiful. It is so amazing seeing Daddy's and their boys. Luke is always making Leo chuckle and beam from ear to ear. Leo will now purposly crawl at full speed to Luke as soon as he gets in the door from work. It is a really great sight to behold.

    3. Aww, that's cute Laura. We get that here too when he hears Daddy's key in the front door, in fact I'm pretty sure he knows the sound of Daddy's car pulling up now too. X

  3. This is such a beautiful post. I can so relate. I have hundreds of pictures of my two having a whale of a time. I just love the laughter!!!

    1. I had a tough time choosing you a few pictures because we have so many as well. I just love that they are such good mates with each other. X

  4. So true, something about the strength of a man and the vulnerability of a baby. It's pretty common for men to be a tiny bit 'afraid' of new babies, they're so fragile, or at least appear to be, but when the rough and tumble can begin with a wee boy, daddy usually kicks into his element!!

    1. I think what you say is exactly right, I go a bit mushy over anything that makes a fully grown man seem vulnerable, and I think sometimes with a newborn it's hard to tell who is more vulnerable, the baby or the new daddy. There is definitely a lot of rough and tumble in this house and I just know my husband can't wait until the point where he can teach the little guy to kick a ball and take him to the park to play football. X

  5. What a lovely post, and they look the best of friends. I love all the photos, I bet they are going to be real partners in crime as he gets older. x

    1. I dread to think what they'll be like as he gets older. I think they'll get up to all sorts of mischief and probably at Mummy's expense. ;) x

  6. Aaaah such a lovely post and gorgeous pictures too x

    1. Aaahhh, thanks hun. Just love seeing them together and I generally have to grab the camera every time. X

  7. Such a touching post, it's lovely to hear a Daddy who enjoys his life. Gorgeously written xx

    1. Thank-you. He is definitely a daddy that loves his job. And I love watching them. X

  8. Okay, I love this sweet post, but I barely got down far enough to read it, because I couldn't stop staring at all those adorable pics in your header!

    1. Awwww, thank-you. I get similar problems with pictures of my little monkey. And it's even worse in the flesh, I sometimes wonder how I get anything done.
      Thanks for stopping by. X


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