a moment in time {see it snap it love it}

When you have a small child
you become acutely aware of firsts,
of special moments in time
which can never happen again.
First smile,
first steps,
first words.
And once they have happened,
as quickly as that,
they can never happen for the first time ever again.

This photo is of a special first.
My beautiful boy had his first dip in a paddling pool.
He adored it.
He ran around,
bouncing off the sides,
then falling over,
and laughing about it
with big belly laughs.
He splashed.
He poured.
He grinned so much
and we couldn't help but grin right back at him
having the absolute time of his life.

And the beauty of the camera is
that I caught that moment in time;
that first dip in the paddling pool.

I can't wait to see the moments in time that you all link up this week.

Last week's 'Fun' pictures were gorgeous.
There were lots of different takes on the theme
and more importantly
lots of beautiful pictures of cute children having a blast.
But I finally settled on a winning 'Fun' photo
mainly because I think I would have had fun too.

gets to show off the winners badge if she chooses:

<a href="http://www.dearbeautifulboy.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll320/looby_boo/winnersbadge200.jpg" /></a>

And she has picked the next challenge,
which is 'Summer'.
Fingers crossed we'll get some good weather this week coming week
so that we can all get out with our cameras.
And you have an extra day for this challenge,
as I'm off on my holidays this weekend and won't be around on Tuesday to set up the linky.
So next week I'll see you on Wednesday for the new linky.

Link up your 'Moment In Time' pictures at the bottom.
Don't forget to grab the badge or link back so that your readers can find more photos.
If you tweet your link to @dear_beautiful_ then I'll do my best to retweet it for you.
And try and get around to some of the other photos and give them a comment,
we all love a comment and some blog love after all.

<a href="http://www.dearbeautifulboy.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll320/looby_boo/SeeItSnapItLoveIt200.jpg" /></a>

it's cheeky I know.
But there is only a week left to vote in the Mad Blog Awards
and I've been nominated in the photography category
and I would love your vote if you love my pictures and this linky.


  1. Oh bless him! Loving the paddling pool weather at the moment. DBB makes it look so gorgeous.
    Not like Ozzy - I caught him peeing in a plastic teapot in the pool yesterday and then he poured it back into the pool. Don't know where he get's that from...

    It's great to have summer here ready for some colourful photo opportunities :D

    1. Boys will be boys, hey! That made me giggle.
      And I'm loving this weather for photo taking, I reckon I'm taking four times as many. Oops!

  2. LOVE this linky and gorgeous picture to go with it. There's nothing like being a toddler and enjoying the paddling pool. Am I too old for it? (I'm 28!)

    1. Aww thanks, glad you like it. Being a toddler does rule. And having a toddler rules because it definitely gives you the excuse to get in the paddling pool yourself. I've been in twice! X

  3. He is LOVING that pool isn't he? Such a cutie x

    1. It was definitely love. I don't think I've ever seen him quite so excited and happy, it was great to watch. X

  4. Aw he looks so grown up in this photo and love the look of that paddling pool! That's the best part of Summer and can't wait to experience it for myself with Riley xx

    1. He does suddenly seem very grown up lately. And the paddling pool is very swish and very big. We got it in the sales at the end of last summer and didn't really look at how big it was. But the good news is that it's big enough for a little boy AND his mummy.
      You'll love having your first summer with Riley, with things like picnics and trips to the beach. I love summer. X

  5. I think he might be enjoying that! How lovely! I have misse See It Snap It Love it and I can mt wait to start joining in the challenges again! I will be on the look out for summer shots for next week. x

    1. Ahhh, we've missed you too and look forward to seeing you back with us next week.
      And he definitely did enjoy his first splash in the paddling pool..... and his second ...... and his third. X

  6. He looks like he's wondering why it's taken so long to introduce him to this awesome vessel!!!

    1. Definitely. He's such a water baby anyway and it was like we'd opened up a whole new world to him. He was so happy and excited. X

  7. Gorgeous photo hun- he does look very at home in there. I love the colours of the paddling pool in the background too but his face says it all!


  8. Aw, look at that happy face, he looks totally in LOVE with the paddling pool. So sweet. And where did you find such a great pool? I've been trying to find one that is plain bold colours and has a high side just like that but not found any so far.

    1. He was very happy indeed. He loved it.
      I can't actually remember where the pool came from, we picked it up in a sale at the end of last summer and this was its first outing. We didn't know just how big it was going to be until it came out of the box, we were expecting a little ball pool size one! I'll check the box though and see for you. X

  9. We to are loving the paddling pool weather, hope it stays longer :)
    Gorgeous picture huni.

    P.S just so you know you are featured in tomorrows photo party x x

    1. Oooooh. I'll look forward to seeing it then. I've got a whole post of gorgeous photos to come tomorrow ready to link up with your photo party.

  10. Aaahh so cute, the weather has been lovely and mine have been loving being able to play with water x

    1. I love how children get so excited by playing in a bit of water. They really do love the simple things in life. X

  11. Part of me does miss those paddling pool days. Seems such a long time ago now! Gorgeous photo.

    1. Ahhh, I don't think you're ever too old for a paddling pool. I went in for a splash about with my little man over the weekend and I loved it. X

  12. His smile is so cute it makes me want to giggle! Bright colours, sunny day & a smiling little man. Gorgeous :)

    1. He was giggling as I took this photo. It was a perfect summers day. X


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