a lovely kind of week

Well, I guess the best place to start is to say a great big thank-you.
It has been a super exciting week for Dear Beautiful Boy
and I still feel like I'm floating around on a cloud.
So thank-you.
Thank-you each and every person who has voted and nominated Dear Beautiful Boy
Because the fantastic news
is that we are finalists in both.

In the Brilliance in Blogging Awards
we made it from the initial short list of twenty best photo bloggers in the Snap category
down to the eight finalists.
And all thanks to votes!
It's all down to the judges now as to which person wins it in the end,
but all you lovely people who voted to get me that far have made me feel very loved.

In the MAD Blog Awards lots of lovely people nominated their favourite blogs
in twenty different categories
and the top four in each category made it through to be finalists
along with one finalist chosen by judges.
And I made the top 5 for blog photography.
TOP 5!!!
Which makes me stupidly giddy with excitement.

When I started this blog
it was simply about recording my beautiful boy's life.
A collection of letters and memories for him and of him
and a timeline of him growing and changing
and being the best thing in our world.
Taking photos is easy with a gorgeous little muse crawling (and lately walking) around,
I'd take them all regardless
to capture him in all his glory.
But I feel so proud and touched and honoured that other people like what I do.
Who knew that a little piece of cyberspace could bring me all that in a little under 11 months.

So I'll say it again,
to every person who took a little time out of their day to vote or nominate.
It has to be said
that you have made an emotional pregnant lady very happy.

And after all my thank-yous
I have one little please. . .

if you love Dear Beautiful Boy.
If it makes you even a smidgen as happy as it makes me,
then consider voting for us in the MAD Blog Awards
for Best MAD Blog Photography.
All you need to do is click on the button below or in my side bar. . .

Thank-you so much!


  1. Super huge congrats to you and I for one will be voting for you! X

    1. Awww, thanks hun. Well that's one vote then, and I'm pretty sure my mum and dad might vote for me, and perhaps the hubby. So that's 4. 5 if I vote for myself. Not too shabby! Hehehe.
      And I'm so excited to have made it to the finals, especially when I still feel like such a newbie. X

  2. Congrats! So voted for you! You really deserve it!!!

  3. I am so super proud of my super talented PIC- you so deserve your nominations Lucy and as you know I have always been your blogs biggest fan! Congratulations. x

    1. Thanks hun. Can still hardly believe it. I feel so proud! X

  4. So well deserved. Your blog is beautiful. Congratulations x


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