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As a self confessed chatterbox
I can honestly say that from the day I found out I was pregnant
that I couldn't wait until a time when I would hear my baby speak.
I was so excited to be a part of the whole process of language acquisition.
It's always fascinated me that children pick words up so quickly,
and how they learn a language from scratch
and I could wait to help in the process of teaching my child to learn such a valuable life skill.

In the last few months
our little guy has got really interested in talking.
Not only does he watch our mouths intently when we talk to him
but he babbles constantly.
He just seems to have a lot to say for himself,
although until recently none of it was in English,
so all we could do was nod along
and pretend to converse with him.
This resulted in lots of frowning from him
and lots of giggles from us.

But lately his talking has absolutely exploded.
And he is using real words.
Proper, English words
that we can actually recognise and understand.
He's still a long way from being able to really chat with us
but he can communicate
and I love it.

He loves animals
and enjoys pointing out "cat", "duck" and "bird" at every opportunity.
At the moment, his first instinct is to call a cat a dog
but once corrected he'll happily repeat "dog-dog-dog"
while we grin at him for being so clever.
Lately he's been trying really hard to say "frog" and "fish" at bathtime
and he really concentrates on making the f sound
until we end up with "fog" and "fis".

When we pick up the phone he will say "hiya"
and then will often say "nana" repeatedly
as he assumes that she is the only person I ever speak to on the phone.
In fact he will often start yelling as soon as the phone rings
as if to remind us that we need to answer it and start talking into it.

He loves repeating anything we say,
so all those silly little rhymes and sayings which we use to much
are starting to come back to haunt us.
I clearly say "Oh dear" in a particular tone of voice whenever things get broken or dropped,
because I am often pipped to the post on saying it these days.
And if anyone gets hurt and says "ow"
then they are met with a chorus of "ow"
while he toddles over to check they are okay.

His latest little trick,
which I have to say makes me one super proud mumma,
is saying please.
Yeah sure, it sounds more like "peeese"
but he says it almost instantly if you have something that he wants.
And it is possibly one of the most adorable things he does.
I can't wait until he adds "thank-you" to his repertoire,
mainly because I think once he's mastered "hello", "please" and "thank-you"
that he'll have the makings of good manners.

I think it would be fair to say
that I find him learning to talk every bit as exciting as I suspected I would.
I get a familiar and regular rush of pride
listening to him finding language
and enjoying communicating.
The look of total concentration on his face,
when people are saying something that he wants to learn, is totally gorgeous.

We've come a long way from those first initial babbles and words.
His first recognisable ones were "mum-um-um" and "da-da-dad"
but lately those words sound a lot more like "mummy" and "daddy".
And it quite honestly doesn't get any better
than hearing your baby call you that.


  1. I am imaging him saying "peease" and it sounds so cute in my head! :) Baby Z calls me dada but he says happy birthday!! So random but so cute. He went from saying hardly anything to suddenly babbling loads and I love it. You're so right, it's the best thing just listening to them chatter away!

    1. It is super cute. He sort of whispers it too, which makes it even cuter. And he definitely prefers saying dada to mumma, he babbles away saying it a lot of the day, but it makes it more special when he does say mummy. X

  2. I love their little babble noises- they are just adorable. Mads is saying so much now, it is quite amazing really how quickly it has developed from not really having a clue what she was saying, to full blown words. xx

    1. It's like their vocabulary explodes overnight. One day he wasn't interested in talking, the next he wanted to talk all day. This baby-growing-up-thing happens so fast! X

  3. He really is a very cute little boi bless him xx

    1. Thank-you. I think that he's pretty cute too. :) x

  4. It's such a fascinating time when children learn to talk. Saying that, my son is almost three and he still blows my mind when he comes out with new things, which happens daily. My 8 month old said 'dada' 'baba' 'tata' the other week for the first time, so I'm pretty excited about the talking phase starting all over again with her now! Enjoy x

    1. It's just mind blowing how much they learn, and how quickly. I'm so excited by this whole talking and communicating phase, it's so rewarding for everyone that we can finally all understand each other a bit better. X


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