the anomaly scan

Today I had my twenty week scan,
to give Splodge the once over
to check for any physical anomalies
and probably the most exciting bit,
to get to see our little baby one more time before we meet him or her in the flesh.

It is really strange to think that's it now
and all being well
the next time we'll see Splodge's hands and feet and face
they will be in the real world.
The scan seems to go by so fast
and despite the grainy black and white image
I could happily stare at that television screen for hours.
That's my baby.
The one I'm growing
and that I get to meet in a few more months.

We were pretty gutted that my husband couldn't come to the scan.
He had to go on a work trip to Italy that he simply couldn't get out of,
so I had to go it alone.
It was scary for a while
to think that if they detected anything worrying
that I would have to go through it alone,
but fortunately everything is ticking along really nicely with Splodge.

Splodge wriggled the entire scan
just like at twelve weeks
and seemed determined to make it tricky for the sonographer to get her measurements.
He or she was also determined to flash their private parts
even though I had no intention of finding out what gender he or she is.
The sonographer found quite funny in the end
as she kept suggesting that I look away in case I saw anything.
I told her that I wouldn't know what I was seeing anyway
and I'm still none the wiser as to whether Splodge is a little brother or a little sister for our beautiful boy.

Just like his or her big brother before them
they are measuring with a 21 week head
a 20 week belly
and 19 week legs.
I remember thinking last time that this meant my baby would be fat and short,
but he's perfectly proportioned
so I'm not worried this time around,
I guess that's just the way my babies grow.

The freakiest part of the scan
was when she zoomed into the face
to check the eyes, nose, nostrils, lips and mouth.
It was genuinely like looking at the little guy.
Especially the nose and mouth.
It's incredible to think that Splodge may be born looking like our little man.

That being said
my husband is now convinced from the picture that Splodge is a girl.
At the beautiful boy's twenty week scan he started to refer to the baby as he
and he maintained for the rest of the pregnancy that it just looked like a boy.
This time he's thinking girl.

I've spent the last week feeling definite boy vibes
but then Splodge had a fast heartbeat at the scan
which is often said to be a sign of a girl
so now I'm not so sure.
But I spent most of my last pregnancy with no feelings either way apart from right at the end
when I was convinced it was a girl.
Shows how good my intuition is!

So that's it.
No more seeing Splodge til the big day in September.
Can't wait to meet them.


  1. Aw well it's going to be a nice surprise, glad to hear it's all going well x x

    1. I do like a surprise. Although I'll probably be regretting it at 38 weeks when I'm uncomfortable and desperate to know. X

  2. How exciting, I loved the 20 week scan, it was such an amazing feeling, in the 12 week one it is kind of rushed but in the 20 week they do take their time. In my one though she zoomed in on the face and I kind of thought it looked a bit like the scream mask! My gorgeous Mads came out perfect though in the end! x

    1. It is exciting, I love the 20 week scan more because you're a bit less nervous than at the 12 week. And it's true that the pictures sometimes seem a bit freaky. Splodge looked a bit like they had a witchy nose, but I guess we'll see in September. X

  3. Ahh thats a fabulous scan photo, i love reading your updates as i'm just a few weeks behind you x

    1. Hehe. I was a bit disappointed with this photo actually, because with our little boy we got such a clear face profile at 20 weeks. This little wriggle pot wouldn't stay still long enough. X

  4. Glad all is well. I find it all very exciting that you wait until the big day to find out. Great scan photo xx

    1. I guess it means that everyone has to wait along with me, which makes me even more excited. I can't wait to find out, but I'm so glad we'll be finding out when we meet him or her in the flesh for the first time. X

  5. Wonderful post. Such a shame your husband missed it, I would have been nervous too, going on my own. So glad everything is great and look forward to reading about the next 20 weeks! xx

    1. So weird to think I'm half way.....Only 20 weeks to go! (Or 22 if they decide to be late!) The hubby was gutted he missed it, and I was too, but luckily everything went okay and Splodge is doing well. X

  6. The heart beat rate was indicative of the sex for all my 3!! :-))

    Congratulations!!! xx

    1. Heart rate was right with the little guy, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Really don't mind either way, just looking forward to meeting a happy healthy baby. X


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