a dream come true

. . . a key turns in the lock.
three sets of ears prick up:
one grey and furry,
one black and furry,
and one pink human pair.

. . . eight little furry feet are suddenly running
at speed
to investigate the noise.
. . . but one pink human pair of feet hesitate.

a little boy looks at his mummy . . .
for reassurance,
for confirmation.
his mummy whispers one word;
and the little boy's face lights up . . . 

and he is also off,
at speed,
on his two pink human feet,
following the way that the eight furry ones went.

. . . "Hello?"
a voice says through a crack
in the freshly unlocked door.

the toys that the little boy had been carrying
are dropped where he stands.

"daddy" the little boy says . . .
and he runs . . .  
in the direction of that first hello.

there is another "Hello"
but a different one.
a familiar one.
an I-know-you kind of one.
an it's-good-to-be-home kind of one.
a "hello" all wrapped up in love.

giggles erupt from the hallway.
. . . blind to it all,
the mummy smiles.

. . . she doesn't need to actually see it
because she can see it in her head.
she can hear the love in the hallway.
and she knows something special has happened . . .

a daddy dream has come true.
something that daddy has dreamed about
since before his beautiful boy was even a dollop.

daddy has been greeted at the door
as he returns home from work.
greeted with a smile
and a "daddy"
and a great big giggling cuddle.

. . . a dream has come true . . .

and as her boys come into the living room,
the mummy knows 
that her dreams have come true too.


  1. Ahh, it's exactly the same in our house when we hear the keys in the door. I never get bored of watching Arlo's face. Lovely post.

    1. It's amazing really how he knows that distinct key noise. He's reacted to it for months now, it was just the combination of his finally hearing it, working out what it meant and then running that really got us. Adorable, x

  2. This is so sweet, beautiful. X

  3. This is beautiful story- and I don't think there is anything better for Daddy's than to be greeted at the door like this. Mads squeals in delight when Mr E comes through the door- so lovely. x

    1. It was so adorable. He always gets excited by daddy's return. I think it was the way he ran with excitement and met him at the door that really got us. Just love their relationship. X

  4. Whats so lovely about your writing is that it is over flowing with gratitude. Lovely.

    1. Oh, what a lovely thing to say. I truly an grateful for all the little blessings the little guy has bought us. I'm glad that comes across. X

  5. A really beautiful post, very creative. To many, it could seem like such an ordinary moment but it really is something very special.

    1. I've been trying really hard lately to focus on the little things in life that bring happiness, that whole idea of stopping and smelling the roses thing. It sounds cheesy but when you are looking for it your realise that there is loveliness all around you. X


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