reflection {see it snap it love it}

It's me.
Taking a picture of myself
taking a picture of myself in the mirror.
And it would definitely be fair to say that not only is this physically a reflection,
but it's also a pretty good reflection of what I look like a lot of the time.

So there is my 'not terribly original' reflection picture,
but I'm pretty proud of it none the less.
And besides,
last week was a week all about me being a photographer,
or at least people thinking of me as being a half decent one some of the time.
it seemed only right that I should have a picture of me like this really.

I was, yet again, impressed with the picture that were linked up last week.
'Love' was a really wide but cute theme
and the pictures were varied and adorable.
My hormonal and emotionally drained brain simply wasn't up to the task of choosing the winner this week,
so one of my big loves, the hubby, was enlisted to choose for me.

He chose this 'drimming with happiness' photo of a father and son
It definitely screams love to me.
So here is the Photo of the Week winner's badge so you can show off if you desire Cerys.

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" /></a>

And your next theme as chosen by this week's winner is 'Fun'.
So get thinking about next weeks theme
and start linking up your 'Reflection' photographs for this weeks photography challenge.

Don't forget to grab the badge for your 'Reflection' posts,
tweet your link to @dear_beautiful_ so I can retweet you,
and try to get round and comment on each others photos when you can.

And I know it's very cheeky to ask
then I will love you forever.

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  1. Very nice pic, and very nice hair!! Pregnancy suits you very well! :)

    1. Awww thank-you. Thats so lovely to say, especially as I was having a slobby day and hadn't even done my hair. Maybe I shouldn't bother to do it ever! X

  2. I love this weekly challenge, gives me something to think about. I'm trying to think of something original for each theme but not always succeeding lol Hmmmm... Fun xx

    1. Glad you're loving it. I am too, it's great to get a different challenge each week to get my teeth in to. X

  3. Love your photo this week hun, looks stunning even without seeing your face. Pregnancy clearly agrees with you :) xxx

    1. Thanks hun. I do always like being pregnant as I tend to be a 'glowy' type pregnant person. Glad you like the picture. X

  4. I agree with everyone else... Hair is looking swish! Very shiny! I need to get my thinking cap on for mine x

    1. It's so funny. But this is my hair on a can't be bothered to style or straighten it day. Apparently I shouldn't bother to do my hair more often. X

  5. Such a pretty reflection shot! LOVING this challenge too! I have to say, you have the most lovely blog design, I just adore your header!

    Wishing you a (belated) HAPPY Mother's Day!! XO

    1. Awwww, thanks hun. Glad you like the linky and my blog design. I'm definitely very proud of my blog especially as its all my own handiwork.
      And it's certainly a belated mothers day, because us mummies in the UK celebrate in March and not May like the mommies of the world. Hehehe. But thank-you, and you too!

  6. Replies
    1. Awww, thanks my dear. But I can assure you that my camera is covering a multitude of sins her. X

  7. Beautiful pic - I really hate pictures of myself so you are unlikley to ever see me in my photos! but you look gorgeous.

    1. When I started blogging I never ever intended to share pictures of me unless it was my arm cradling the little guy, but somewhere along the line I think I find a bit more confidence. I kind of think people like to see the person behind the blog, or behind the big camera in my case, not that there is much of me to see in this picture. X

  8. I haven't had chance to join in with your lovely BlogHop yet, but am making an note to try and find an opportunity!!!

    1. Ahh, well you are always welcome when you get a chance. X


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