the me and mine project {october}

Rich is loving
* Quinny's face as she opened up her birthday presents.
* having Nain to visit for the weekend.
* playing Super Mario Odyssey with Dylan. 
* the new shower.
* meeting Robbie Fowler.

Lucy is loving
* a quiet half term all together at home.
* seeing how enthusiastic Everly is about reading.
* a family day at the beach.
* how excited Quinn was about her birthday presents.
* Palmers Cocoa Butter face cream.

Dylan is loving
* reading bed time stories to his sisters. 
* showing us his work on the Tudors in museum week at school. 
* playing on the Nintendo Switch with Daddy.
* working his way through his activity book. 
* helping in the garden. 

Everly is loving
* going to Summer and Amelie's birthday parties. 
* practising her reading.
* LOL surprise dolls. 
* eating treeslets.
* watching Story Bots on Netflix.

Quinn is loving
* her wellies.
* having a snugly blanket and pillow at bedtime.
* her new unicorn slippers.
* stealing Mummy's bagel at lunchtime.
* being TWO!


the siblings project {october}

With every passing month the bond between these three gets more and more playful... I think that shows in the photos. Somewhere over the last few months a transition happened, very subtly; so much so that I only notice it now looking back - but somewhere over the summer, they stopped being a pair of big siblings and their baby sister, and they became a unit. Of course in so many ways, Dylan and Everly are so close, but Quinn is creating her own relationships with them both, as well as forcing her way at full pelt into making them a unit of three in their own right. 


happy second birthday ashlyn quinn

Well gorgeous girly, where did those two years go? Our little Quinny Quinn... two!

You are our ray of sunshine. You are our funny little girl. You are so quick to smile, and even quicker to laugh. Just the happiest little person that I've ever known. Your are cheeky and hilarious, and you have a way of making us all laugh that seems way beyond your years. 

You still don't say much, but what you do say is LOUD. And that suits you, you are a contradiction; loud but quiet, brave but shy. 

The girl with a million faces... seriously... so. many. facial expressions. And they each tell a different story. So effectively that you don't really need to say very much out loud, because you're saying it loud and clear in your own way. 

So happy birthday to my new favourite two year old. What an amazing year it's been, and what an amazing little girl you are.

We love you so very much Quinn.
Have a very happy second birthday. 


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