a journey of valentines

It was five years ago today
that my best friend asked me a very important question.
I gave him a very momentous answer.
We had started our journey together years before,
but we were now starting a new and amazing journey.
That boyfriend is now my husband,
he is now my children's daddy.
That journey took us on a road to becoming a family.
And that handsome man is still my best friend.

On Valentine's Day in 2005
we were celebrating our first one together
and were about to approach the one year mark in our relationship.
We were doing the 'long distance thing'
while I finished my degree in Scarborough
and he worked at his home in Preston.

On Valentine's Day in 2006
we had just signed the paperwork
to rent our first home together.
My lovely man was leaving Preston
to make a life with me in Essex.

On Valentine's Day in 2007,
we were in Paris.
It was actually a Christmas present
but we had a lovely day together
and went up the Eiffel Tower at night
when it was all lit up and beautiful.
My friends had convinced me to expect "the question".
I wasn't so sure
and I was right . . . !

On Valentine's Day 2008,
he planned a surprise day out in London,
he spoiled me rotten.
He asked.
I answered.
And the rest is history.

On Valentine's Day 2009,
we were in wedding count down mode.
Five months left until the big day.
We were excited
about showing our families and friends,
just how happy we were to be together.

On Valentine's Day 2010,
we were waiting for the keys to our first real home of our own.
We were newlyweds
but we felt kind of limbo
while we lived at my parents for a bit
and waited for our lives to really start.

On Valentine's Day 2011,
we had a one week old baby.
Life had turned upside down in the best possible way.
We were in love with our new roles as parents
and more in love with each other than ever
as we went through this enormous event together.

On Valentine's Day 2012,
we were days away from telling the world
that we were expecting another baby.
We had just celebrated a year as parents
and were feeling happier and more settled as a family
with each passing day.

In 2013,
we have nearly nine years together under our belts.
We have a lovely home and a full life.
We have two cheeky cats.
We have two beautiful children.
And we still have each other.

The journey we started
with that very special question
and that life changing answer
has been the best one ever.

We still sit together.
We still hold hands.
We still say "I love you" when we leave the other
or hang up the phone.
We're still pretty much head-over-heels in love.

A lot can change in five years,
but our commitment to that adventure hasn't.
I feel so lucky to be sharing my life with my best friend,
and I can never thank him enough
for all he has given me
and for all he does for us.

I love you hubby.

And thank-you so much for asking . . .


  1. This is so beautiful, it really made me cry.
    The photos are lovely too.
    I love how you've covered every Valentines Day and every single one has been important in some way.

  2. So lovely Lucy, what a wonderful way to celebrate today by remembering the last ten years! It's so good to remember, I'm sure it makes your family stronger!

  3. This is just lovely Lucy, and so true of myself and Mr E too. You two are a lovely couple and have gorgeous babies- a true testament to Valentines Day and every other day of the year. xx

  4. awwww this is really lovely Lucy and its so nice to hear that even after having two children you and your hubby are still very much in love and make time to hold hands and tell each other you love one another . beautiful x x

  5. That's a lovely wedding photo, Happy Valentines everyone, just love it.

  6. Awww what a lovely post! You look beautiful on your wedding day.

  7. Ahhh that is so lovely! I can't even remember any of our Valentine's Days!xx

  8. Beautiful post and your wedding picture is stunning! Me and my husband have been together for 12 years and we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day but we do say 'I love you' every day. x

  9. Beautiful so nicely written a perfect valentines flashback! X

  10. thanks for linking up Lucy it is a perfect post for this weeks theme x x

  11. You, my dear, were a beautiful bride. This is so lovely! x

  12. Another neautiful post. You look so happy together and its noce to know you're still best friends x


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