pretty.little.things - funky footwear

The little guy has quite an enviable collection of footwear.
He's got a very cute collection of trainers
with some boots thrown in too.

The little green dinosaur trainers 
were the first shoes he ever wore.
The pale blue trainers got worn quite a lot 
because they went with so many of his clothes.
The grey boots earned much teasing from Daddy
 but kept his toes toasty.
The blue and red trainers matched his little Liverpool kit
and were definitely the favourites if Daddy did the dressing.
The mini ugg boots looked super cute with lots of his trendy knitwear
and he liked stroking them when he wore them.
The multicoloured trainers saved him from cold feet
when he went through a phase of refusing to wear socks 
in the middle of winter.
The Converse trainers are our current favourites
which is why they look so worn and grubby and well loved.
And the final two pairs he is yet to grow in too
but I'm sure will be just as cute as all the others on his little baby feet.

I'm really looking forward to when he decides to walk
and we get to go and buy him proper shoes.
I have a feeling that we'll be buying a few more pairs of Converse this year.
I'd like to buy him a white pair, a red pair and probably another navy pair
once he is into the proper ones with rubber soles.

So there you have it,
a big shoe collection
for a little boy.

Last weeks pretty.little.things theme was 'beautiful beds'
and this was the winning picture:

We just LOVED the pictures she used.
I love white and a beautifully lit photo
so I loved these straight away.

Here's the badge to show off to your friends.

And so finally,
next weeks theme is;


So get thinking and get snapping
ready to share over at Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three next week.


  1. Gorgeous! We love Converse for Mummy and Baby!

    I am so excited to take some photos of Frankie's shoes! x

  2. Jealous, he has an amazing collection of shoes :)Does he follow in mummy's or daddy's footsteps? lol. Love the converse trainers!!! xx

  3. Wow he really has quite a collection- I think I might be a little bit in love with the dinosaur boots. How cute. I can't wait to go and buy Mads her first set of proper shoes. How exciting! xx

  4. Loving the converse! Thank you for choosing my pic ladies :D
    I will be linking up with this weeks, just wanted to wait till tomorrow as I am Joshy shopping hehehe

  5. Wow that's a huge collection of shoes for a little boy x

  6. aww what a great collection of shoes! little shoes are just so sweet :)

  7. Hey there! I'm a pal of Kelly-Marie's, & saw your linky on her blog. The second I hopped on over, I knew I had to follow ya! Your blog is AWESOME! You have the cutest little boy, OMGosh!
    Happy new follower for Happy Jax!

    Hope to link up to Pretty Little Things soon!

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