inspired - balloons

We have a house full of balloons
that are left over from the beautiful boy's birthday party.
He loves to play with them.
So do the cats.
And I love to look at them.
For reasons I'm not entirely sure of
balloons make me happy.

And this year I've set myself a challenge to get better at photography,
to take more photos
and to learn more about what my camera can do.
So I'm looking forward to some nicer weather so I can get outside
and get snapping.

And this week I have been inspired by photos featuring balloons.
I think a balloon photo shoot might have to go on my list of things I want to do this year.

The light through the balloons in this picture is gorgeous.
I would love to try and get a picture like this.
Even better I'd like a picture of me and my boys with some pretty balloons like this,
but for that I'd have to call in the professionals I think.

I'm not loving the pink,
but this photo makes me want to go and buy a bundle of blue helium balloons
and start snapping the little guy looking gorgeous with them.

This photo makes me want to get married again,
just so I could have some big beautiful balloon photos.
Only I would have a few big, round, WHITE balloons.

Who thinks I could convince the hubby to let me cover our bedroom ceiling in balloons?
Worth a try?
I'd love to go to sleep and wake up to this.

I would like to be this girl.
Running along a beach road without a care in the world
and holding a bunch of happy balloons.
Love it.

So that's my inspirations for the week.
Can't wait to see what inspires you guys this week.

(All photos found via Pinterest. Click on individual pictures for original source.)

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  1. Those images are incredible! It almost inspires me to try and overcome my phobia of balloons. I hate the sound of a balloon popping!!!


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