my bestest friend

To the wonderful man 

who looks after me,

who laughs with me,

who shares my joys,

who holds my hand,

who has given me many happy years
as his girlfriend,
then his fiancée
and then his wife,

who has given me the most beautiful gift;
a family,

who gives the best hugs in the whole world,

who proposed to me four years ago today,

and who still makes my heart go flutter when he smiles.


I love you with all my heart.

x x x


  1. Aw that is beautiful hun :) Hope you hubby and the beautiful boy have a lovely day xxx

  2. Aww cute happy valentines day to you both xx

  3. How wonderful for you both:O Happy Valentines Day

  4. Ahh this is lovely! you definitely deserved though doughnuts! :-) x


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