inspired - hair

One of my secret, guilty, Internet pleasures
is seeking out hair tutorials.
Sad I know.
But I like doing different things with my hair from time to time
and the Internet is full of helpful people
who post up videos or photos to show you exactly how it's done.

I recently had a go at the Sock Bun Curling method,
which you can find loads of videos for on YouTube.
My husband laughed at me as I rolled my hair up with a sock
and then went to bed with a huge bun atop my head.
But I woke up with lovely curls
and no heat needed.

So here are some other inspiring hair pictures I've found lately.

I love this twisted back bun.
It looks like it wouldn't be too tricky to replicate
and would be perfect for those 'don't have time to wash my hair today' sort of days.

This doesn't look too tricky either.
After years of dancing shows I can do a French plait in my sleep
just not sure I've got quite enough hair for this one.
Maybe with a bit (lot) or mousse?

I definitely don't have long enough hair to quite get this look,
but I might be able to get something similar.
Although this one might take a bit of practise
it looks a bit trickier than the other two.

I'm currently working my way up to a trendy top knot.
I love them
but wonder if perhaps
as a mummy, I'm a bit old and grown up.
I'm rocking a big messy bun today
just not quite so high.
I'll get there in the end, I'm sure.

I've actually done this one.
I loved it.
My husband said I looked like a peasant.
What does he know anyway?

Can't wait to see what's inspired you lot lately.

(All photos found via Pinterest. Click on individual pictures for original source.)


  1. Wow, I do this too, I have pinned most of these pic's, I love doing things with my hair, I still at 31 can not do a french plait and it angers me, I did a nice fish plait on my sister last month

  2. We are so similar- I am always looking at hair inspiration although I must admit to being terrible with my hair, its either curled, straight or in a messy bun. I would love to learn how to do more with it! x

  3. Great mings think a like!! As my inspired post is on Bridal hair this week. Love the choices very nice. Think a trip to You Tube is in order now so I can learn to do some of the styles xx

  4. I am growing my hair long, I'd love it to be like the thrid one down :)

  5. They say our hair is our crowning glory, so best to take care of it ;0). Lovely images


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