a beautiful birthday party

On Saturday February 11th
we had a big party to celebrate our beautiful boy turning one.
And I have to say,
it was awesome.
We had a lovely time
and feel thoroughly blessed to have so many wonderful people around us
supporting us as we bring up our son.

I obviously started thinking about the party some time ago
when I wrote my first 'inspired' post all about wanting to throw a rainbow themed party.
Well I did it.
There was rainbow bunting, rainbow balloons and rainbow cake a plenty.
It was a great theme
and I'm glad I chose it.

We decided to book a hall for the party,
because we simply don't have enough room at home.
I'm really glad we did
because we had lots of space to invite all our special people.
Plus we didn't have a trashed house afterwards.

My mum, my brother and I went down to the venue early
to set everything up.
We strung up bunting (including the 'happy birthday bunting' I made)
and put balloons on all the picture frames.


When the birthday boy arrived
he was a bit confused to see all his toys set up in a strange place.
But he had a ball flying up and down the hall with his walkers
while we finished setting up and waited for his guests to arrive.

His 'I am 1' t-shirt is from Next
and was a present from Nanny and Pops.
It was the perfect party outfit.

In proper party style,
he ate all kinds of different foods.
We ordered sandwich platters from Sainsbury's
which I'm really glad about.
We'd have never managed to make the number and variety of sandwiches that we got
for the money that we paid.
And they also did us two finger food platters;
one of veggies and houmous dips
and another with fresh fruits.
These were a big hit with the babies.
The little guy also had a few pieces of Nanny's rice krispie crunch.
This is a birthday party staple in our family,
and I was strangely proud that he enjoyed it so much.

The 'Happy Birthday Bunting' was much admired
and I'm really glad I went to the extra effort of making it.
Lots of the children at the party
enjoyed looking up at it.
And it was also a useful 'net' for an impromptu game of balloon volleyball.

I bought a large-ish square canvas
and mixed up a load of paints in rainbow colours
and asked all the party guests to leave a finger print and their name.
By the end of the party the canvas was practically full
and it looks fab.
Plus I think it's a really nice record of all his special people
and will look great on his bedroom wall.

After quite a bit of stress during the making process
the rainbow cake was a huge success.
Our little birthday boy absolutely loved having everybody sing to him,
so much so that we did it twice.
And the cake looked and tasted gorgeous.

Everybody seemed to think I was some sort of culinary wiz
for making such a complicated cake.
In reality the recipe couldn't be easier,
its just the assembly that is a bit fiddly.
But completely worth the effort.
Because you don't get to eat something that colourful every day.

I'm not quite sure how he kept going,
but some how the birthday boy stayed awake and happy for the whole thing.
Having had only a short nap in the morning I thought he may start getting grumpy.
But he was at the venue by 12.30pm,
the party started at 1pm 
and I don't think we left until 5pm
but he was still going strong.

I think being the centre of attention helped.
And the fact he had so many friends to play with.

It was a great day
and I'm so glad that we went to the extra trouble
of throwing him a proper bash.
After all,
you're only one once.

And it was a great celebration for the whole family,
especially the hubby and I.
We did it!
We managed a whole year as parents,
we have a lovely boy who makes us proud everyday,
and a great big party was a great icing on the cake.


  1. Well done on the cake, it looks fa. I love the rainbow theme.

    1. It was a really fun theme. Think I might be tempted to do it again in the future. X

  2. Replies
    1. Yay!!!! Feels like a big achievement for us as much as it is for him. Can't believe that year went by so quickly. X

  3. Wow it looks like an amazing party!!! Love the cake - that is totally awesome! You're such a fab Mummy xxx

  4. Awesome cake! I love the picture of the 3 of you - what a fab looking family!

  5. party looked great...and that cake looks fab!
    We have the Next 'I am 1', 'I am 2' and next month the 'I am 3' t-shirts...
    well done & Happy Birthday x

  6. Wow, i'm loving the rainbow theme and photos are fab! Sounds like a good time was had by all :) xx

  7. Happy Birthday to the Lovely Beautiful Boy, the party looks amazing and the cake looks just wow!!

  8. Great T shirt! And impressive cake innards! Happy Bday. They just get better and better as they grow.

  9. It looked like a really fab day and the photo's show it all. The bunting looks great and I am glad the cake was a hit, it looked like a long labour of love indeed! What wonderful memories :-) x

  10. It looks like a fab party! That cake looks brilliant too, you did a really good job, give yourself a pat in the back! Here's to another year with our babes!

  11. Aw he had such a great theme, wonderful cake and he looks so happy! Happy late Birthday to your lovely little boy. My little man turned One last weekend, i wish I had such a day planned but he was happy nonetheless! x

  12. I love the cake- that was definitely worth all the talk and planning, its amazing! It looks like he had a wonderful birthday party and I love the photo of you and your two boys together- just lovely x

  13. Wow, what a stunning rainbow party!! That cake!!!!

    The fingerprint canvas is an AWESOME idea - pinning that :) xx

  14. It looks like a great party! Photos are amazing like I thought they would be! Are you nominating yourself in the Britmums photo awards? I will nominate you anyway :) x

  15. Many happy returns on a beautiful year for a beautiful boy x

  16. What a great party, i think a 1st party is more for us as parents and our achievement. We are having a joint party for Addy's 1st and Grayson's 3rd in May, I decided a couple of days a go a hall will be best option and seeing this post I am 100%.
    We were having a woodland themed party, but that was more tailored to Addison, so instead we are having a colour splash party, similar to rainbow. I like the idea of ordering platters of food x


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