your fifty-first week

You were turning into such an affectionate little thing.

You loved cuddles
and would reach out your arms for one.
You would nuzzle right into our necks
and sometimes, you would even let out a little sigh.
It was adorable.

You would also show a preference for cuddles from particular people.
Sometimes only Mummy's cuddles would do,
which never failed to make her feel a million dollars.
But other times you would lean over
and desperately grab for Daddy.

You were starting to get a real sense of humour
and would giggle at some really funny things.
You seemed to be interacting with the television at times;
smiling at characters you liked,
frowning at other parts
and dancing along with the music.

Now that you were nearly one
people kept asking us if you were walking yet.
But you definitely weren't in a hurry to walk,
not when you were so fast at crawling.
When you used your walkers
it often looked like the walker was walking you
rather than the other way around.

You were going through an 'emptying' phase,
which basically meant that you made a lot of mess.
You liked to take all the building blocks out of their box,
to empty all the toys from your toy box
and to throw all your bath toys on the floor at bath time.
Meal times didn't escape either,
as soon as you had had enough
whatever was left went on the floor.
What a messy pup!

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  1. Mads does this, she gets so close into the crack of my neck and squeezes me and goes aaah. It is so cute! I know I have said it before but I love the photo of him in the sunglasses- what a cool dude! xx


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