pretty.little.things - cute and cosy nightwear

For me there is nothing on this earth
that is cuter than the little guy in his onesie ready for bed.
He looks so gorgeous and snuggly,
and all baby-like again.

In fact my big challenge this week was to pick just one cute and cosy nightwear outfit.
I could quite easily have shared a series of pictures of him
in each and every set of pyjamas that he owns.
But instead I've settled on his suit.

This picture was taken on Christmas day
so please ignore the silly hat,
he doesn't normally wear this at bedtime.

This little suit is actually a padded type of snowsuit,
but it's too thin for normal Winter type use.
So we snuggle him up in it
whenever he is being transported in the car at bedtime.

We have dinner at my mum's every Thursday
and I will get him ready for bed and settle him in the cot at hers.
Then when we are ready to go home later,
I'll take a sleepy boy out of the cot
and wrap him up warm in this little suit.
It's even got a cosy little hood with bear ears.

This little suit keeps him warm as I run him out to the car
and then when I run him back into our house at the other end.
But as well as being really practical
it makes him all warm and cuddly like a teddy bear
and I just love it.

So, I can't wait to see some more cute snuggly kiddy pictures from all of you.
You're linking up here today
but don't forget to pop across to Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three
and check out Katie's entry.
She is my pretty.little.things partner in crime after all.

The entry from last week
which we've picked as our winner is. . . 

I don't 'do' pink whatsoever
but even I went gooey for this hat.
I love it.

So here is the winners badge to show off.

And all that leaves me to do
is to let you know next week's theme
which is:

Beautiful Beds.

Yes, we want to see where your pretty.little.things sleep.
Or you could share your own crash zone if you fancied.
So make your bed all lovely
and take us a picture
and we'll see you next week over at Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three.

Here's the badge to grab if you fancy.


  1. Aaahhh a gorgeous little boy, he looks so cue in this photo. Thanks for picking my photo this week and will proudly put your badge on my page. Love this linky, it is so me I cant believe I didnt think of it myself xx

  2. Aww such a cute and this a really cool link up :)

  3. Your little boys is so cute! Love these pictures. I'm determined to keep our youngest in a onesie for as long as possible.

  4. He looks absolutely gorgeous in this photo hun :) xx


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