picnics with friends

You can't beat a teddy bears picnic
for a simple and fun way to spend a summers afternoon.
It always amazes me how providing the same lunch as normal,
but on a picnic blanket surrounded by teddies
makes it all so much more exciting.

My two would happily have lounged on the blanket,
cuddling their bears,
while grazing on little snacks
for the whole day if they could.
And I loved it too.
Fresh air, a warm day, a cooling breeze
and happy playful children,
what's not to love?

 ^ the beautiful boy's new friend Ben Bear

^ the beautiful girl's new bear is called Bonnie

We were sent these lovely bears by House of Fraser
and a voucher to enjoy a teddy bears picnic and tell you all about it.
I'm sure we'll be having many more before the summer is out,
so thank-you House of Fraser for giving us the incentive.


  1. I just love your blanket. I feel like we're missing out on all this precious moments because we don't have a garden. Lovely pictures lucy. Xxx

  2. Ahhh what a lovely picnic with friends for sure! I love the teddy bears they are so cute and the kiddos seem to be in heaven with them surrounding them during their lunch. Glad you got the chance to get out and enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts. House of Fraser have great stuffed animals for kids. Lovely review and gorgeous photos! So jealous of your friendly picnic.

  3. Cute pictures! There is just something lovely about picnics in the summer. My girls always love them! May just have to try one now with a few teddies thrown in!

  4. What lovely photos - there's nothing like spending time with a beloved teddy bear. Your picnic blanket is also gorgeous!

  5. So sweet!! Especially the first pic, aww.

  6. Gorgeous photos Lucy- I love the first photo of them! x


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