me and mine {july}

Daddy is loving
* going back to 'where it all began'.
* visiting Helsinki for work.
* reading books more.
* eating Bobby Bangers at Jimmy's Farm Sausage and Beer Festival.
* watching Hannibal.

Mummy is loving
* the sunshine.
* an amazing long weekend in Scarborough walking down memory lane.
* the beautiful girl talking more and more, and saying "Mummy" finally.
* watching The Vampire Diaries (it's my new guilty pleasure.)
* that we've been married for five years today!

The beautiful boy is loving
* learning to read.
* playing 2p machines in the arcades with Daddy.
* having picnics.
* a day at the farm with his best buddy.
* throwing… even when he isn't supposed to.

The beautiful girl is loving
* monkeys and pirates.
* saying everyone's names, repeatedly.
* eating bananas.
* running free on the beach.
* cuddles with Blossom and Bibi.

These photos might not look like anything particularly special,
but they are ridiculously special to us,
as they were taken on the spot where we met for the first time eleven years ago.
We'd have never guessed back then,
as we said our introductions and drank a lot of tequila,
that it was the start of something that would shape our lives forever.
We've gained so much in our eleven years of knowing each other,
our ten and a half years of being together,
and our five years of marriage.
We've had amazing adventures and made beautiful memories.
But those early days and those early memories are a special part of us,
so I can't think of anywhere more special to have a Me and Mine photo.

Be sure to go and check out my cohost Becky at Ar Blog,
her, her husband Tom and their little girl Holly always have gorgeous photos to share.
Hang around a little bit while you're there,
her blog is one of my favourites and I promise you won't be disappointed.

dear beautiful


  1. Loving the seaside pictures. Can you believe that Paige still has never seen the sea?! x

  2. Oh they're gorgeous pictures and it's lovely that they were taken somewhere so very special, I love when pictures have a real story behind them, and they're more than just a pretty snap (although the pretty snaps are special too). And Happy Wedding Anniversary!

  3. I love that you are having the chance to get to the seaside so much and make so many beautiful memories. You have such an adorable little family. I am so happy for you and I love seeing all your fun filled photos they just pour out the love and happiness you all share as a family unit. Love this months me & mine! Thanks for hosting. Will write my post up tomorrow morning its midnight here off to bed. #me&minejuly

  4. Aww happy anniversary, amazing to look back at how much you've changed since those first moments isn't it?

  5. I think there might be lots of seaside photos this month! What a special place x

  6. Such a lovely story behind those photos. Happy anniversary x

  7. Beautiful summery sunny shots. Just lovely!x

  8. Such special pictures. It's so lovely to take your children back to where you first met. Absolutely perfect xx

  9. That's gorgeous, such lovely memories for you to pass on to your babies..

  10. Beautiful photos, our special place is Filey and our Me & Mine photo was taken there this month :) xx

  11. What lovely memories it must have provoked. I really want us to go back to where we met for some pictures, but I'm not sure they'd let M into a Gay pub. Might have to go back to where we got married instead.

  12. Those photos are gorgeous, it looks like such a beautiful place! x

  13. Beautiful photos - how lovely to go back to where you first met with your children and revisit those memories. Happy anniversary to you both x

  14. I want to know how you met now! I'm guessing drunken uni beach party?!
    Ours would be at an industry pub quiz so not sure we could get a family shot now ;)
    Gorgeous photos Lucy x

  15. Gorgeous pics! Very summery! x

  16. The seaside is my most favourite place, Wells next to the sea being one of my ultimate favourites. I love it. The photos are gorgeous. You have a lovely family. :) x

  17. I bet it was so special to go back and visit where you met. We did it last year as you know and it made me feel really emotional, and then did it last weekend and I felt the same funny emotions. Uni is just such a place of growing up and becoming an adult- some of the most intense experiences of my life were spent there and so it really does bring back such incredible memories and emotions. So special to be able to take our babies to where we met. x

  18. Love these photos, they are so beautiful but I love the story behind them too. It's lovely to take your children back to somewhere that is special to you. Also, I love The Vampire Diaries but you didn't hear me say that! xx

  19. Lucy these are amazing!! What gorgeous photos with such a lovely meaning! Lovely to see such sunny Me & Mine photos this month.

  20. It must be lovely to make new memories with your kids in a place that already holds so many.

    (Sorry if this is a duplicate - I'm not sure if my last comment went through!)

  21. Aw, love these!! Sam and I met 11 years ago too (I just had to do the maths, can't believe it's been that long!) On another note, Arlo is VERY big on throwing at the moment, drives me mad!

  22. How lovely to be back where you met, I love how its a special place for you guys. We met through a friend outside Mcdonalds in our local town not special at all ha!! Gorgeous pics as always, we still need to take us (hoping tomorrow)

  23. Beautiful photos, and what an amazing story to go with them. It's lovely that it's such a special place for you and that you were able to go back as a family so many years later :)


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