enjoying the sunshine

Mummies worry...
It's a big part of the job description.
We want our children to always be safe
and we want to do anything we can to make sure of that.

As much as we all love this time of year,
and the amazing weather that it has brought with it,
it does mean that we can add the sun
to that list of things for mums to worry about.
Protecting out little ones skin from damaging UV rays is paramount.
And while my children are both pretty obliging about having sun cream applied,
as they jump in and out of water,
roll around and generally try their hardest to remove the cream I've carefully applied,
it becomes a mission to find a balance between sun safety and fun.

Which is why I literally cannot praise these Konfidence sun protection outfits enough.
Putting my children in these and knowing that the places where the clothes cover,
is definitely safe from harmful UV
is a massive relief.
Its cuts down on the creaming (and re-creaming) time,
giving them more time to play.
The fabric it's made of means that they can swim in it,
and that it will dry quickly and remain cool.
And they look really cute on too.

There are UV indicators on the suits,
which change colour from white (when there is no UV)
to either blue or pink when UV is present,
and this feature really helps to make you more aware of sun safety.
It really opened my eyes,
when on a hot afternoon I moved the children into the shade,
to give them a break from the sunshine.
The dolphin indicators on their outfits faded in colour a little,
but went no where near back to the white colour they are when no UV is present,
The shade was providing some reduction in the UV,
but not total protection from it.
I've been more conscious since,
of making sure that when we take a break from the sun,
we do so in full proper shade, or indoors.

Konfidence sell both an all in one sun protection suit
and the separate shorts and t-shirts that my children have.
Both children have plenty of room to grow in their UV outfits,
which means we'll probably get use out of them next year too,
and I definitely won't hesitate to buy more when they do outgrow them.
They are good value, well designed and give peace of mind.

We were lucky enough to be sent these UV suits free of charge
as part of our role as Swimologists for Konfidence,
but all words, opinions and pictures are our own.


  1. The dolphin indicator sounds like a really clever idea - our garden is really shady in the afternoon and I'm now really curious as to how much UV is still getting through! They're really cute outfits too; and both your little ones look like they're having a blast!

  2. Every time I see a photo of your big buckets with balls in I keep thinking I must buy some, saves blowing up the paddling pool and just as fun. As you know we have these suits and I swear by them, they are fantastic and I don't know what we would have done without them on holiday! x

  3. I love the big buckets idea. Will have to remember that when Pumpkin is older, as we live in a flat and a paddling pool isn't really an option. Those outfits (and the kids in them) are adorable too!

  4. These are fastastic Lucy and the kids look so adorable with in them. I wish I would have read this sooner and had them for both MM and Buba in America. We have been applying and reapplying cream daily and these would have been a huge bonus. Shame. Your two look like they were having a ball in the balls too! So gorgeous. Love seeing their summer time fun in photos.

  5. Love the big bucket idea, both my kids are water babies and love anything to do with water. Looks like they were having so much fun.


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