life is better at the beach

There is a quote that goes something like:
"Memories made at the beach last a lifetime".
I know for a fact that some of my best memories are from seasidy days.
And I can say with my hand on my heart
that I won't ever forget this perfect day at the beach.

At one point I watched my beautiful children and my lovely husband,
as the sea lapped around my ankles,
with the warm sun on my skin
and a sea breeze ruffling my hair,
while the sand crept up between my toes,
and I thought to myself
"Never forget this moment, this day,
and how you feel right this second"
because I genuinely could not have been happier anywhere else in the entire world.
I stood and breathed it all in,
and I've locked it up tight in my memory,
never to be forgotten.

So yes, here I am again,
going on about how much I love the seaside.
I know, stuck record.
But I do.
I love it all year round,
but especially in the summer,
when warmer weather
makes paddling a necessity
and sandcastle building an all day pastime.

We visited Barafundle Bay and Broadhaven South (the two different beaches in this video)
while we were in Wales staying at Bluestone.
They are just two of the beaches that have made that part of the country so famous.
It is a simply stunning place to visit,
we're just disappointed we ran out of time to go and see Tenby
which we've heard is equally beautiful.
I would list both Barafundle Bay and Broadhaven South
as being two of the most beautiful beaches I've ever visited,
in the whole wide world.

It should be noted
that you do need to be pretty fit to get Barafundle Bay;
because you have to hike up a hill, over a cliff and down again to get to it.
And Broadhaven South is easy enough to get to,
but not nearly so easy to get away from.
It nearly killed us trying to leave as it has some very steep and powdery dunes
which you have to scale to get back to the car park
(funnily enough we didn't particularly notice this on the way down to the beach!)
But we're so incredibly glad that we made the effort,
because both beaches were utterly stunning,
and we had a perfect family day enjoying nature's playground.

music credit: Sunny Day by Joy Williams


  1. I'm completely with you in the beach adoration club; so many of my childhood memories come from being on the beach down home and whilst I'll never actually admit that there could be any beaches better than those in South Devon, I'll admit they look very lovely! I've also got a theory that the harder the beach is to get to, or from, the better the reward when you do reach the sea!

  2. Oh I love your videos there are AMAZING!!! I am the same I have moments like that with the kids and Mr P where I never want to forget the feeling and that very particular moment. It's almost so amazing tears come. So glad you get those too at the beach! the beach truly is an amazing place to make memories all year round I couldn't agree more. The double team should take all our families to the beach one weekend! That would be amazing all the kids playing around. lol I could watch all your videos for hours. So amazing. i keep telling myself I want to record more of the kids but haven't.

  3. A lovely post, great to see a difference with the video. I couldn't agree more about the beach, we love spending days out. We live in Wales, so the choice of beaches is huge for us, we really are very lucky.
    Truly happy family moments after a beach day.

  4. A lovely video to treasure of having great family fun together in some beautiful locations. You definitely did find two stunning beaches and the hikes were definitely worth it. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. A gorgeous video. I would love to live closer to a beach. I think the girls would really enjoy a lot more days at the beach xx

  6. Life is better at the beach that's for sure and this is so sweet that it a day you will remember for a long time. Funnily enough when I was telling you about 'our adventure' we were going on hopefully the other day and I said South Wales, well one of the choices is Barafundle Bay so you'll have to fill me on the hot spots. ;) x

  7. Wow another reason I now want to go to Bluestone, are these far, we are looking for somewhere to take all the kids. Great video xx

  8. Oh two beaches local to me! Lovely! Went to Broadhaven this week but a different beach today- so much choice I love it! :-) x

  9. That's a beautiful video, you had a lovely day. It looks like a stunning beach. Perfect combo of everything, sun, sea, sand and peace! It makes me want to go!

  10. I live near the beach and I must say that its most fun esp in summer. In winter if you are brave enough it can be nice too. And when there is snow you can have snow castles =) #countrykids

  11. Gosh you have had such a busy Summer so far. I'm impressed with the amount of days out you have had and that you are all making use of the sunshine.
    These beaches look amazing x

  12. Did you know you can stay at National Trust holiday cottages at Stackpole Quay or at their Stackpole Centre within walking distance of Barafundle? Just £26 per person per night at the Centre!


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