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We have been so lucky to get so many chances to be away from home lately,
 and we have all been loving all these amazing summer adventures we've shared..
Our weekend in Alton Towers,
our week at Bluestone,
a long weekend in Scarborough,
and even just lovely long days at the seaside,
they've all given us a real taste for getting away,
of escaping the every day and enjoying some holiday time.

With all the paraphernalia associated with holidaying with little ones,
'staycationing' has been just perfect for us this year.
It's just so lovely to have your own little home away from home,
with all the creature comforts that make life with children that bit easier,
but without the daily grind of chores and errands and general life getting in the way.
This past weekend we had another little jaunt away from home, but we stayed local.
My Nan owns a static caravan on the coast not too far from us at Mersea Island,
and she kindly let us have it for the weekend,
so that we could enjoy another little mini break.
And enjoy it we did.

Mersea Island is such a quaint and lovely little place.
It's simple and unspoiled,
it's full of rustic, natural charm,
a real traditional seasidy place,
with all things water at it's heart.
And we are so lucky to have it so close by,
we've already spent so many lovely summer days there this year.
It is joined to the mainland by a strood bridge
which is often covered by water at high tide,
cutting off the island from mainland Essex.
And driving across that strood it always feels like we've left all our worries behind.
Mersea is packed full of charm and perfect for adventures,
we all absolutely love it.

We really enjoyed the time to just connect as a four,
to stop and smell the roses more,
to watch our children play,
to have more chances to play along with them,
to throw routines out the window a bit
and just enjoy one another's company.
That's what all these lovely little holidays have been all about
and we've loved every second.

This summer has really cemented for us,
how many wonderful and beautiful holiday spots there are to explore in our lovely country.
Sunny tropical climes are all good and well,
and there are lots we want to tick off our lists as a family in the future,
but we have had some utterly perfect days together over the last few months
and we didn't need to go far to have them.
Days packed full of memories which we'll remember forever.


  1. When the weather is nice this country is perfect, there really are some beautiful places to explore and I have a huge list of ones I want to ticket off. You have visited some beautiful places, your Nan's caravan looks like it is in a lovely location. There is nothing better than the UK seaside when it's sunny! xx

  2. Have loved seeing your pics from your seaside adventures on Instagram... there is something simply special about small children and an English beach. Lovely photos and so glad you are having special time with just the four of you. We have had a manic month, but are heading back to my hubs homeland of Norway next week for a month and I can't wait to make some lovely "just the four of us" memories too!

  3. Ahhh what lovely photos :) You have been busy but it's so nice enjoying good quality time with family. We're going to book a short stay at splash landings over the summer holidays xx

  4. I have no urge to go abroad with young children and much prefer exploring the UK. We have pretty much done the whole of Cornwall over the last couple of years and are now looking for more places to explore! x

  5. Sounds like you've had a brilliant Summer so far. Gorgeous place to visit. The UK really does have some beautiful places to go to and the kids are happy if they are beside a beach with some sand for sandcastles. I do love going abroad though LOL x

  6. Looks like you have been making the most of the glorious weather we've been having. Your photos are absolutely stunning!

  7. I'm a big fan of staycationing; there are so many beautiful parts of the country to explore, all we need is the good weather and it looks like you had that in spades! It sounds like an incredible place, it makes me think of Secret Water!

  8. The UK is an absolutely beautiful place with so many stunning water locations when the weather is good. I am so glad it's been amazing there for you so that you all can get out so much and adventure together. You have taken some amazing trips on that list many on my own list to tick off for sure. We need to explore the UK a bit more now that the kids are getting older. Maybe towards you. lol Love all the sunny photos and beautiful words written.

  9. What a beautiful family you have, you look like you've had some amazing fun in the sun! I hope your enjoying the beautiful sunshine as much as we are:)


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