boys will be boys

I've always loved watching my boys enjoy things together.
Back in the days when we were a three,
I would spend a lot of time sitting back
and just witnessing them;
their bond and their relationship.

At one time these two were like two peas in a pod,
they had matching smiles and eyes.
The beautiful boy was a pure mini me for his daddy.
As he's grown he's a lot less like his daddy
and a lot more like my family,
but it's still so sweet to watch my two best boys
enjoying their similarities and their differences.

We love doing things together as a family,
but sometimes it's nice for it to just be the boys;
for them to share something which is just for them.
For Rich to show his little man what it's like to be a grown man,
and for the beautiful boy to have that male role model in his life.

I love riding around at speed as much as the next person,
but I'm simply not fun and daring in quite the same way as Daddy.
And that's okay,
we have our things,
and they have theirs.

So when the little man was offered a scooter to review,
it would be fair to say that Daddy was the most excited of everyone.
And when it arrived and he was giddy to get it out of the box
and go out on a speedy adventure with his son.

The scooter we were sent is the Zinc Team Series Zycho Scooter
which is a proper stunt scooter.
Light weight, with an easy to use brake,
really simple and light steering,
alloy wheels and a super cool design.
It's a really trendy little scooter 
and really is every little boy's (and big boy's) dream.

In reality the little man is still a little too little for it,
but it doesn't stop him wanting to give it a go,
and it's great that it's something which he'll be able to get lots of use out of.
And for the time being,
he loves riding around on it 
while Daddy (or Mummy) do the hard work.

We were sent this scooter free of charge for the purpose of this review
but this in no way affects my review of it;
all words and opinions are honest and my own. 

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  1. It's hard to say who looks like they're having the most fun!! It looks like a great scooter!


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