out of the mouths of babes {june}

Nanny: "Did you have a lovely time at the seaside?"
beautiful boy: "Yes I did."
Nanny: "Did you go in the sea?"
beautiful boy: "Yes I did."
Nanny: "And did you get very wet?"
beautiful boy: "Yes Nanny, I did. I fell in."
Nanny: "Oh dear, was it very cold?"
beautiful boy: "Yes it was. But Mummy was my hero and saved me."

beautiful boy: "Did you know you water flowers and they grow?"
Mummy: "I did. Plants are very clever like that."
beautiful boy: "That is why I go in the bath. So I grow big."

Mummy: "Quick come and look at these ducks out of the window."
beautiful boy: "But Mummy the window is too glassy for me to look out."

"Don't call Daddy, Richard. His name's Daddy. And he's my favourite boy."

Mummy: "What does a cat say?"
beautiful girl: "Meow."
Mummy: "Good girl."
beautiful boy: "What does the lion say?"
beautiful girl: "Meow."
beautiful boy: "No. It says ROAR!"
Mummy: "Can you say roar?"
beautiful girl: "Roar."
Mummy: "And what does a cow say?"
beautiful girl: "Jeepers."

beautiful boy: "Do you know which planet is the biggest Mummy?"
Mummy: "No I don't, because I'm not as clever as you."
beautiful boy: "Oh dear, but you are my bestest girl in the whole wild world."

Daddy: "Will you stop banging your cutlery please?"
beautiful boy: "I'm not banging my cutlery Daddy, I'm just banging my fork and spoon."

beautiful boy: "We are all dinosaurs. You are a mummysaurus."
Mummy: "Am I? And what are you?"
beautiful boy: "I'm a [beautiful boy]asaurus."
Mummy: "And is your sister a [beautiful girl]asaurus."
beautiful boy: "No she's a mastodon."
Mummy: "Is she? And what's a mastodon?"
beautiful boy: "It's like a hairy, stinky elephant."

talking about a new soft toy
beautiful boy: "This friend is called Larry."
Mummy: "Yes, Larry the lizard."
beautiful boy: "But Mummy, where is his wizard hat?"

"Uncle Matt is going to the airport. It's an aeroplane station."

beautiful boy: "Don't eat that grape Mummy."
Mummy: "I'm afraid it's too late."
beautiful boy: "No it's not, it's not dark outside yet."


  1. I love these, it is so fascinating what they take in of the world around us and how they make sense of it. Particularly like that he goes in the bath to grow, makes perfect sense! x

  2. I love that BB called you his hero! You have gorgeous children. I love the things kids say :) x

  3. A hairy stinky elephant! Love it! And I love love love that she uses the word jeepers! Just too cute!

  4. Haha! These are so funny. I love the stinky elephant one and the cutlery one. Children are so funny x

  5. Haha, I love this! I can't wait until Ethan starts giving these types of responses! xx

  6. I love these so funny and so cheeky. I feel like I can almost hear them saying these in their scenes. Glad you are his hero that's heart melting. A hairy stinky elephant hahahahahahahha and jeepers I can't stop laughing. Bless them they are so adorable.

  7. Oh I love these - especially the idea of the Beautiful Girl as a Mastadon! You've definitely got a pair of comedians!

  8. I love that BG is a hairy, stinky elephant! haha. great x

  9. Poor BG!! They are so funny aren't they? x

  10. Lol they are so funny. I love listening to what little ones say x

  11. Awwww, these made me giggle. I love the things they say, so sweet xx


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