him and her {week twenty-nine}

he loves any play that involves water,
seems to go temporarily deaf when he's told the word "no",
and has the cutest flip flop tan lines.

she seems to perfect a new word every day,
would take her Blossom and Bibi everywhere if we let her,
and cannot go to the beach without collecting treasures.


  1. Ahhh they are growing up so fast this summer. So glad you have had the chance to get out and enjoy it so much. You all are really making the most of the british weather. It's beautiful how much they change through the photos and grow into little mini people instead of little babies. BB seems very funny I bet those flip flop tan lines are amazing and adorable too. Photo please! lol BG is so tall and really exploring lots now. I love it.

  2. BG looks so grown up in this photo! x


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