me and you {july}

We went on an emotional walk down memory lane this month,
by revisiting the place we met.
We walked the streets we did as young love birds,
we stood in familiar places 
which had unknowingly become a part of our family story.
It was nostalgic, 
it was emotional,
it was fun,
it was so, so lovely.

Earlier this year we celebrated ten years of being together,
and later this month we will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary,
so it definitely seemed like a fitting time to go back to where it all began.
And as much as couple time reconnects us,
being back in this special place did too.
So many memories came flooding back as we travelled around,
and so many of those stories we'd forgotten
reminded us of all the reasons we fell in love in the first place.

Being able to tell our little love story to the children,
even though it probably meant very little to them,
was so amazing.
That story is ours,
but it's also part of their story,
that they'll listen to again and again over the years.
The story of how a boy met a girl
and together they started the most beautiful adventure…

It's not a particularly pretty or inspiring photo from me this month, 
but I can tell you it means the absolute world to us.
It might looks like any old building,
but this was our university,
the place that would bring us together,
that would allow those first steps of independence,
that would give us degrees 
but more importantly give us each other.

If you've got a couple photo from this month to share, 
then we'd love to see it in the Me and You linky.

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dear beautiful


  1. Ahh this is so lovely. I know how emotional it made you as I felt the same. When we went to Leeds last year we took a photo outside the bar where Mr E and I met. I found it so surreal to think if I hadn't walked through those doors on a random job interview then I wouldn't be here today with him as my husband. Life is so bizarre when you think about it. It's strange to think about all the little twists and turns which may not have happened if you had followed another path. Xx

  2. Love how you have been looking back this month xx

  3. Oh you two are so cute! I love our similarities, ten years, 5 years married, two children. Ten years doesn't seem that long at all really does it? Ours has zoomed past before our eyes. I know the next ten years will pass before I've had a chance to even take it in! x

  4. wow you guys have been together for so long, thats so lovely and I can tell how emotional this post is. I'm lucky I think that Tom and I met in the city we still live as we revisit places which hold memories of parts of our lives together, we often pass the street with the flat where first moved in together and things like first dates or where I told him I was pregnant etc. It's so funny to think about the random events that led to you meeting the person you love isn't it. Am I right in thinking you went to uni in Hull btw? I used to live there when I was little (in Cottingham) x

  5. I bet we would be equally emotional if retracing our first steps together as a couple. I can't wait until M is old enough to understand when we take him to the town we first met.

  6. Lovely post. So nice to visit the place you met and fell in love. I love sharing our story with the kids. It's like you said, it's part of their story too. Very sweet photo of you both x

  7. So lovely to be able to go back and revisit all those happy memories, particularly when you can then share your stories with your children. We met at university too and celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary this month. Hope you both have a lovely anniversary later this month x

  8. So lovely, and congratulations on 10 years! The bloke and I are coming up to 4 years and that feels like a lifetime!

  9. It so special that you were able to visit the place 'you' first started and to be able to take the children there too x

  10. Aww such a sweet photo of you two, Happy Anniversary in advance. We also just celebrated our 12 years Dating Anniversary and 6 years Wedding Anniversary. Its so sweet how you revisited the place you met, our would be outside Mc Donalds in our local town, not very romantic at all lol...

  11. Awww, that sounds so nice. :)

  12. This post reminded me of when we first took the boys to our school, and Sammy just could not understand that we went to school together. It's like we can't remember a time before we were together and that's how this post makes me feel. Like you feel the same. xx


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