mr and mrs

We've been a Mr and Mrs for five years now,
five years full of fun and laughter,
five years of ups and downs,
five years of bickering and annoying one another,
five years of adventures.

It's been a good five years,
and we're proud of what we've done in that time.
So it seemed only right to celebrate in style.
That lovely husband of mine clearly listens to me
as I go on about all the places I'd like to visit,
because he booked a break for us at The Manor
which is a Laura Ashley hotel that I've wanted to visit since it opened.

The hotel and it's grounds are truly stunning.
And as a big fan of Laura Ashley decors
I was totally in love with every detail.
We had an utterly delicious breakfast
in the brightest airiest room
with cutlery you could see your face in.
And we had an equally yummy afternoon tea,
which was beautifully presented,
and served outside in the glorious sunshine.
The staff were fantastic,
nothing felt like too much trouble
and their attention to details was amazing.

We had a lovely couple of days,
pimms in the sunshine on the terrace,
afternoon tea looking out at London on the horizon,
games of chess (okay, we actually played drafts but shhhhh) in the garden,
a jaunt into London for a delicious dinner and cocktails at Jamie's Italian.

Because five years of loving someone for better or for worse
definitely deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated.
And we're already planning the next one…


  1. Happy five years you beautiful duo. I love the snaps of you two on that giant board! xx

  2. Happy Anniversary - and what a beautiful way to celebrate in style!

  3. Ah looks like a lovely evening and a beautiful hotel- I love Laura Ashley, at one time every room in our house was kitted out in it although there's not as much since our recent decorating mission. It's so important to spend time together, myself and Mr E had a night booked in just the two of us last weekend but we had to cancel it due to our weekend in Wales. We will need to get another one booked in soon! x

  4. Oh wow! What a gorgeous mini-break! Happy anniversary!!

  5. What a lovely hubby you have. That looks like such a gorgeous place to visit and stay! x

  6. Wow that looks like an amazing place to stay! I bet you didn't want to leave x

  7. I love the giant chess board! I used to be a right chess geek! Happy Five years! x

  8. Happy 5 year anniversary! That hotel looks amazing! xx

  9. Happy 5 year anniversary. The hotel looks amazing. x

  10. Happy 5 year anniversary. This hotel looks and sounds amazing. Definitely have put it on my list to visit with Mr P someday although maybe the one near the lakes by me instead. lol So glad you had such a great time together you both deserve it!

  11. Ooooh, looks just amazing. Happy Anniversary. xx


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