your seventh week

After weeks of wondering whether any of Mummy's genes got through to you at all,
we found one. . .

You loved sleep.

Not only that, you loved to sleep . . . at night!

It might not sound that exciting but we were over the moon
when you suddenly decided to sleep for nine hours one night.

We had heard so many stories of six-month-olds, even twelve-month-olds,
that refused to sleep and had their parents up every few hours, every night.
And having a baby that wouldn't sleep had been one of our biggest worries.

But we had struck baby gold and had one that slept well.
We felt like we'd won the lottery.

Sleeping through the night was yet another big milestone that you had reached.
And another milestone of sorts happened that week too. . .

We had to pack away some of the clothes you had grown out of.
And it nearly broke Mummy's heart to think how quickly you were growing up.

Those little babygros that had filled us with so much excitement when they were bought months before,
had served their purpose and were being retired to the "next time box".

You would never be that tiny little baby again.
But at the same time it was so exciting to watch you
grow and change and develop into such a fantastic little person.

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